Trading Post Bugs (traders broken, traders walking through buildings, game speed changes)

I’ve played for 20 hours now and noticed a few things. Here are trading post-related bugs I came across, in order of severity:

  1. I had an issue for a while where if a trader came alone I couldn’t see their items/trade with them. If there were two traders, I was able to select Trader 2 and trade with them but the first was still off limits. Once the first trader left, Trader 2 then became Trader 1 and any option to trade with them disappeared. Also, the green icon indicating that a trader is visiting stayed all year round, even after they had left. I fixed the issue by reloading the town (save → main menu → continue) and since then the issue hasn’t come up again. I attached a few screenshots to show what I mean - you can see the holographic outline of the trader, the menu saying Trader 1, but a lack of the trader’s name, time remaining, and ability to trade.

  2. When in the trading post menu stocking up items or gold, entering it manually will sometimes change the game speed (e.g. if when stocking gold, if I type 10,000, the game will go down to 1/2 speed. If I type 4,000, it will go up to 3x speed). It seems the speed hotkey isn’t disabled while in the trading post menu manually typing amounts.

  3. When buying or selling, typing in a number of goods to buy manually doesn’t work. Only the slider works.

  4. Traders will walk through buildings, most often just the trading post itself, when parking. This is merely a visual bug so no big deal. It got me thinking though, and I think it would be pretty cool if the trading post had an open front (like the wagon shop does) or maybe it could be a building with a tunnel where traders line up behind one another or next to each other.

I have the same problem as #1 when I upgraded to T2. I don’t have the other problems (yet), but I also saw a few traders (not all) suddenly stop in the middle of the road on the way to the Trading Post. They stay there for a couple of real-world minutes.

I´ve got the same Problem with the Buying/Selling Part.
Nevertheless the Selling is working for me if i type in a Number
Buying isnt working for me neither if i try to type in a Number

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