Trading post transfer

By transfer from the trading post to the settler camp, I mean that the said raw material or item is brought to some warehouse in my village, or am I wrong?? The reason I ask is because when I buy something from a trader it always transfers to the settler camp, however very often my trading post is full and the villagers take what they bought from the trading post. So the transfer to the settler camp doesn’t work properly I think, or what experiences have you had with the trading post transfers so far?

It’s a known bug that goods you export from thrading post are stuck in some “trading post storage limbus”

You won’t find them if you manually check all you storages but if you bring up the ressources panel (R) you will see that they are there and ready to use. Maybe that’s why you see people pick up stuff from your trading post.

The stuff you stored in your trading post for selling is not touched by villagers at all and also not part of your ressources you see in ressources panel (R).

You can “cheat” e.g. gold storage this way right now if you run out of space.

I didn’t test what happens if you store more than 500 units by buying from a trader and click buy and store instead of buy and transfer. But it is show as 649/500 in your trading post storage.

For my understanding this excess of stored units should be transfered to your city storage but I never tried it (Maybe I should ^^).

and stuff…

I didn’t find any thread about this problem. I was only concerned that my trading post is often displayed as full, although very few of my things to be sold are stored in the trading post. Therefore, my assumption was that the raw materials bought by traders remain in the trading post and the trading post is therefore full.