Transferring files to a new computer help!

Hey there, I’m looking to transfer characters, stash, everything to a new computer if possible. I have previously disabled steam cloud saving. Would I need to…

Save X local files to an external drive and plop them into the same spot on the new computer? If so, exactly what folder(s) would that be?

Or would I need to enable steam cloud saving again and download the cloud to the new comp local files? Thanks!

Local save files are at C:\My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save. Just copy or send them to whatever device you want to save them on and then reinstall in the same folder on your new machine.

If you use a third party storage tool like GDStash or GDIA then follow the instructions given in their threads on how to back up those files.

You should back up these files on a regular basis just in case anything untoward happens to your PC.

Thanks so much ^^