Transferring Illusions Between Game Types

Hola. I’m trying to copy my unlocked illusions from my main game to a custom game but copying and overwriting the transmutes.gst doesn’t seem to work. Doing so just deletes everything from the illusionist. It seems like the game is resetting the file back to default when I open the game which is weird. Transferring over my blacksmith recipes the same way with the formulas.gst worked fine.

I’ve also read that you can use GD Stash to achive the same thing but I haven’t had any luck with that either (assuming I’m doing it right via exporting and importing between game types.)

Formulas are share between all your character… Perhaps it’s why it works so fine…

Depending on the mod the items ingame might be different. I really wouldn’t try it myself.

As for GDStash, you simply select the mod you want in the configuration window then import the database again. Then go to the crafting window, select the mod there and then craft whatever you want for the illusions and put them in the transfer stash. That should trigger them to appear at the Illusionist.

They’re not shared between main and modded characters agraf - at least not with a mod like Grimarillion. You have to find all the items/blueprints/etc again.

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Thanks for this information, don’t use any game mod yet, only GI and IA

Not sure what you’re trying to do then because neither of those should affect your illusions. Those are tools, not mods.

Sounds like you are using Cloud Save.

Thanks for the responses. I’m using my own mod that’s just minor alterations to some numbers. Cloud saves are disabled so ya, not sure what’s up. Are illusions not shared between characters? I thought they were.

Seems like I’ll just have to gather them all up again. Oh well.

All softcore characters share them, but for hardcore you need to find them all again. If you play a mod like Grimarilliion you again have to find them all. Reign of Terror you’d have to find them again.

Ensure that Cloud save setting is the same within Steam properties for GD, and the GD Game Options settings. They should both be selected, or both de-selected.

This is in reference to illusions? Mine are shared across my hardcore characters

Both are de-selected, ya.

Is there still no way to do this? I want to transfer transmutes file to custom, i could do it for stash with GD stash but that program doesn’t seem to validate the copied transmutes to custom mode