Transferring items & mules

Hey dear awesome developers!

I’ve been playing GD for so long now and have created more than 50 characters by now. I’m a serious hardcore fan and I’ve put a lot of effort to expand my item collection. I like to collect all the items I find through my journeys since this open up many build options. Collecting all the items is part of the fun of a RPG like GD.

The Problem

Problem is…it is so boring to transfer items between characters and it steals so much time that I could actually use to play the game. When I start a new character I tend to clear the storage so I can start moving low level items for my fresh new character, but this process is really long and boring.

It would be awesome to have a more friendly way in the UI to do this without having to navigate to the main menu, pick another character and get the desired item I want to transfer.


A solution for this is to have access to all the discovered items within the account through the storage/chest found in the main towns. If the desired item is equipped by another character it would be awesome we could simply take it from that particular character without having to log with that character, move it to the storage and then log in with the new character again.

With a system like this, we could finally get rid of “mule” characters that have the only purpose of storing items and save a bunch of time in the “muling”/transferring process.

In terms of UI, we could have new tabs in the storage for different type of items. Meaning we would have a tab for Legendary items, another for Monster Infrequents/Rares, Epic items, Augments, Consumables. Inside these tabs we could then navigate to subtabs related with the item type, so if for example I want to quickly grab a legendary shield from Character A to Character B I simply click the “Legendary” Tab and then click the “Shields” subtab.

To give you an example, the UI of Diablo’s 3 Kanai’s Cube is pretty good for this (the UI when players want to apply a legendary power). In this UI, you have a list of items you can view and then choose an item to use it’s legendary power. Adapting this to the suggestion I have mentioned above, after searching for a Legendary Shield clicking on it’s icon would simply move it to the characters inventory. If then the player decides to store it again, a simple click and drag would be enough. Here’s a screenshot of Kanai’s Cube Legendary Power selection UI for reference:

There are a few tools for this sort of thing. And I think I heard something about more stash tabs coming in the expansion. As for taking items off of characters you aren’t logged on to… Not sure that’s really feasible, but you could duplicate the item and just use it on each character. You did get the item legit, so duplicating it for convenience isn’t that bad IMO.

Yes, 3 stash options are available and there will be more personal and transfer stashes to get in-game with the expansion iirc. Certainly more personal stashes, not sure about the transfer one. So you won’t be seeing anything like the D3 idea.

For what you want the Grim Dawn Item Assistant sounds the closest match, can be used in-game to move stuff to/from the game’s transfer stash so readily accessible for any toon and is a collection, i.e. you can put several of the same items into it. GD stash would allow you to duplicate items and put them into the transfer stash for any toon to use. Think it can be used in-game too, but I haven’t tried that yet. However, it’s not a collection quite so much as you only have one of each item, but as said can duplicate them and also craft them with specific prefixes/suffixes if you want. It also keeps track of what items you’ve found in the game and what you still have to hunt for. :wink:

Maybe just me but with third party programs I would worry about things going wrong in the transfer process and losing that precious piece of loot that took you hours to acquire. Also in terms of stash space and storage should we really need third party programs? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the developers to address this issue? I mean we have 4 stash tabs, in my experience even 4 transfer and one personal stash isn’t enough to even support one of two characters with all the loot available. The amount of times I’ve thought about starting a new character and realise I made the decision to sell the piece or set because I didn’t think I was going to use it at the time and didn’t have the room to keep them, I sold it and then lament not having it when I wanted it. Maybe that is my issue with wanting to experiment with so many characters and being a hoarder but I think the criticism stands.

TBH I can hardly blame the game for not supporting everything in your stash. Imagine a stash that could hold one of every epic and legendary in the game… PLUS, whatever good greens you pick up, either for end game or leveling… PLUS your components… PLUS the crafting greens… That’s an insanely large stash right there, which means suddenly, instead of just a Stash… Crate is obligated to make some way to Search the Stash, and Sort it further, putting them on the hook for an expansion to not just the existing Stash system, but also the existing Sort system, and adding a preference system for your Sorts, and adding a Search system…

It’s a LOT of work, when instead, players can either A) Not keep as much, B) Make a character using X piece of gear, and thus “Store” it that way, or C) Use Mules/a community tool. Why undergo all that work when there are any excuses not to?

it can be used while you are in game, that is a ‘feature’ of GD, not of the tool

However, it’s not a collection quite so much as you only have one of each item

huh ? you can store as many of each item as you find

If the OP does not want to use tools, I’d recommend copying transfer files around, much faster than using mules

I see your point it would rapidly snowball and become unmanageable. I was mostly thinking about the amount of legendaries and epics. Not so much the greens and stuff but that is a good point. Your point about making characters and storing the pieces on those characters is also great. Maybe make a way to separate the characters you are using for storage from the characters you are using for your main gameplay? That way you don’t have to sift through dozens of characters just to find the one you want?

You misunderstood. I mean making a character whose build uses every legendary you come across. Thus you aren’t using mule characters… But you are a buildaholic like I am, if you do this. XD.

I use GD Stash for that and i strongly recommend it to you. Also only 4 stash tabs is by the design, so maybe designers of the game simply don’t want us to have so many items stored so our game would not become too easy… just my 2cents to the topic.

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Then why do I get messages saying items have already been moved to GD stash? When I get that it doesn’t move the items from the game into the stash.