transmog DLC

who else would pay for that option? i know I would.

give the “fabric woman” in devil crossing some job.

There is a mod called “Good Looking”. Check it out. It is also part of DAIL.

yea, but i want the real deal, using my characters that I spent hundreds of hours on, on the regular campaign.

i’m foaming at the mouth thinking about it.

That would be nice indeed, to dress up the gear that You have picked up before to change the looks. However I don’t think it should be a payment feature.

Yes. One of the very first things I said to my girl as we started playing this was “Holy crap, this looks badass! I…Oh, wait. It’s worse than what I have. CAN WE TRANSMOG?!”

Nope. Absolutely heartbreaking oversight, if you ask me.

I don’t quite understand why you’d prefer the “real deal” to the mod. I haven’t used it, or any mods for GD actually, but from what I see it works just as well. It isn’t exactly “immersive” but it gets the job done.

I think it would be cool if Crate added this, but with their inclusion of mod support it looks as though their looking to the community to add things they don’t plan to add, which is really cool. Who knows, maybe they will in the future.

The ‘real deal’ would have a proper UI for this, they could even add purely cosmetic options.

I am semi-expecting them to add the UI in the expansion, the functionality already exists in the base game (where it is used for the KS wig and coat), as the mod proves. They just did not add a UI yet.

Transmogs have come up in my conversations with people interested in the game but who haven’t played yet. Kind of surprising to me, but there are some potential players who put fashion at the top of their must-have lists. All I can tell them right now is that the technology exists…While we’re at it, they are also keen on alternate bodies, skin tones, etc.

I would actually appreciate a full transmog system myself. A lot of my fully equipped characters have terrible fashion sense. Mostly it’s the boots that ruin their looks. Cool outfit, but then they’ve got these giant clodhoppers on. It’s like someone wearing a tux with Crocs. :eek:

Because the ‘real deal’ would be compatible with the main campaign, and probably stay up-to-date between patches much quicker. :wink:

first thing I would do is transmog the shit out of the ultos helmet.

The fashion in this game is quite Grim.

I personally like how some of the Faction equipment look in this game.
Too bad they kinda suck.

The Fabric Lady in Devil’s crossing would be the perfect NPC for this.
Give her some Fabric. Give her the gear you want to dismantle as cosmetic. Pay her for her services and viola!!

Yeah that is top priority :smiley: