Transmute Skill Suggestions ep1

This is just a really long list of Transmute Skill ideas for various skills n’ such… in no particular order, just the order I thought of 'em in.

  1. A Transmute on most (if not all) of the Chance to Proc on Default Attack Skills that have an aoe (Blade Arc, Necrotic Edge, etc) to instead have 100% piercing on ranged attacks, but up to the same maximum enemies hit. This wouldn’t work on Shears from Nightblade, as it’s part of a melee dual wield style, but it shouldn’t be too awfully unbalanced if we did it that way… would it?

  2. A Transmute on Spectral Binding to allow a Necromancer’s Attacks convert up to 15% physical to aether (just like the Chaos one on Solael’s Witchfire).

  3. A Transmute on Cadence to make it’s damage every third strike much weaker than normal, but it’s now either a cleave (for melee) that hit’s up to 3 enemies, or a piercing bolt/bullet (for ranged) that hits up to 3 enemies.

  4. A Transmute of Savagery to make it not deal bleed damage, but instead gain lightning’s speed, gaining attack speed bonuses instead of extra bleed damage & %increased bleed. These attack speed bonuses would still adhere to the charge levels, meaning you would start out with your base attack speed (or possibly a negatively adjusted base speed), but you would ramp up in attack speed as you keep on attacking.

  5. A Transmute of Solael’s Witchfire similar to that of Manifestation from Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, & on that note, same goes for Spectral Binding.

  6. A Transmute of Hellhound to instead summon a pack of 2-4 Hellhounds, that serve you for a duration, but then go home, leaving an unstable rift behind them that deals chaos damage for a few seconds before the rift closes back up.

  7. A Transmute of Skeletons that makes it so you summon a skeletal amalgamation/golem. Each time you “summon” more skeletons, you simply add to the amalgamation, making it bigger, tankier, stronger, and have slightly more melee reach (in proportion to its size). After the Amalgamation takes enough damage, a “skeleton” falls off, reducing it’s stats, but namely it’s health down to its previous max health… basically you “heal” the thing by feeding it more skeletons :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s all I can think of for now. Most of these are just random ideas for something that sounds fun & intriguing, where as 1 & 3 are just me crying about wanting more aoe options for ranged “default” attacks than just firestrike augment & inquisitor’s proc attack. Really would like to try gunslinger cadence but… even inquisitor doesn’t really help cadence.