transmuted aegis no poison dmg? only burn?

is the tooltip correct?

transmuted aegis had physical and acid dmg. but the support skill do burn dmg… ?!:furious:

The tooltips are never correct.

Ironie? Sarcasm?

is it now burn dmg - tooltip ?

or is it poison? - logic ?

cause the guardian tooltip is correct after transmuting.

Retribution burn damage will get converted to poison. Always check the weapon damage tooltip on the second page of character stats page to see the damage on the skill.

You’re here for almost 2 years and don’t know that, what? It was even asked like less than a month ago.

Sorry i am worthless :smiley:


zantai quote:

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Reprisals tooltip does not update from “Burn damage” to “Poison damage” when you take the skill Aegis of Thorns similar to how the tooltips of other Oathkeeper skills change when you take these modifier skills.

Skill modifier tooltips do not update with Transmuters. The only exception to this rule is the Guardian of Empyrion which is a much more complex setup.