Trapped settlers due to unique map problem

I sent some settlers to kill wolves that kept kill my people but it is single person land bridge between to lakes. I thought I sent the settlers home but I was wrong. The settlers went around the lake and became stuck and did not attack the wolves nor the wolves them. Not seeing this I sent up soldiers up to deal with the problem figuring they would be able to cross the land bridge and attack. I had to move the flag one more time and they kill the wolves but came stuck as well and have died. :cry: Now all of the peps are dying of exposure or hunger.
How do I upload a game file, yours did not say anything unless I missed something. I can also send a screen capture from steam. Thank you

Got the same problem all fishermen die of hunger after getting stuck near the lake got like 15 dead bodies there but they still go there after i moved the fishing location

I just wonder if you can fix map seed number 0A457c3ae52, all settings at default, so that the peps will not cross there and stuck. Second Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Traped.

I don’t think they will fix a random map seed. :wink: It’s a general problem with map generation which has to be adressed.

To (maybe) help you: Try the terrain leveling tool as close to them as possible. Sometimes this sets them free.

You are most likely correct but it would be nice that Crate respond and maybe explain how maps work and why they can not do anything. Thank you.

but they already acknowledge the bug… its in there bug list

Thank you I forgot to check there. :roll_eyes:

I had 1 villager stuck in the middle of a mountain cliff (not sure how he ended there), starved and died, game mechanics will send villagers to bury dead ones, and they get stuck over again, I ended up with 20 dead villagers. Fixed using the flattening tool by creating an accessible path to a flat terrain.

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