Treasure Trove Exploit!

Why is this not patched yet?? :mad:

People are opening unlimited treasure troves and buying unlimited legendary items.

The forgotten god shrine treasure trove is always at the same spot and drops a heart, blood or brain matter every single time. And it only takes 1 minute to get to it!!!

This completely ruined the game for many people :mad:

Not sure if you’re trolling but this is working as intended and is in no way an exploit. Things spawning in predictable places for farming purposes are a pretty standard feature of the genre. You may as well say bosses are exploitable because they respawn.

Well you are entitled to your opinion for sure but, i have only heard maybe 2 people (one being you and the other a well known troll that i wont name) that have complained about this. so im not entirely sure you can say this ruined the game for MANY people.

Troves are supposed to be farm-able and drop a crafting mat each time.

Ah. Drama.

Please Crate, why do you enable me to abuse something? It’s ruined it for me now because I can’t control myself but I’m going to blame you anyway.

/flips on some 90210 and slurps hard on my slushee

Ya baby. Brain freeze. Uhhhhhh

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It’s not an exploit when you need to farm up dynamite before you can even do those runs…so the farming of the dynamite itself is reward enough for using them on a locked chest to get …SOMETIMES a good piece of loot. I don’t get purple crafting ingredients every time either.

If you can stand doing nothing but opening a fucking trove for 4 hours straight then you deserve all the legendaries in the world, really.

Wait, a bit off topic.
Is OP the guy that thinks Grim Dawn should have paragon levels?
If true, then congrats OP, you have reached status Hated with me, one more thread like this and you can farm me over and over again for legs.

Why did these people carry on farming that place then?

And exactly how does this ruin the game for some people? It’s not like a mostly single player experience without a RMAH to exploit ruins it for other peeps in any way shape or form. Like…at all. If you think it ruins the experience for you personally then just don’t effin do it. Simple as that.

How can something like that ruin you this game which is like 95% singleplayer ?? :rolleyes:

…i have done some runs… its nice for the rare mats but i got way more legendary drop luck with bosses and trove farming is boring as hell :eek:

methinks junior here is an alt of said unnameable troller…makes a troll post and never answers it like said unnameable
Go away


It is He Who Cannot Be Named!

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Im laughing so hard right now :smiley:

Thank you everybody for providing such a diverse feedback. :slight_smile: