Treasure Trove spawn rate

Does anyone know what the chance is for a Treasure Trove to spawn in any given area? Can’t find anything about trove spawn rate on the Wiki, so figured I’d ask here and see if someone knows.

EDIT: Also, do they spawn only in certain spots or is their spawn completely random?

100%, Troves have given spawns within certain areas. I don’t know the full list, but there is a steam guide on it. Within those certain areas, a trove will be spawned 100% of the time. You just have to check the spawn points in those areas. Ashen Waste, BoC lvl 1, SoT, Arkovian Undercity, to name a few.

Found the steam guide, thank you.

The Steam guide is useful, but is missing some spawn locations.

This guide is only about 100% troves, not about any random spawns. If you know about additional 100% spawn troves, feel free to share them here.

(You can also find some additional locations in the guide’s comment section.)

Pretty sure Darkvale Village is a 100% rate in one of the houses.

Part of the comments …

Yep, the guide that I mentioned. With no link, some people might not find it, or care to look. So following your suggestion, I included it here, as I felt free to do.


The guide was missing two spawn points in Tyrant’s hold and Darkvale altogether, but I didn’t check the comments. I see that they are mentioned there.

Curiously it seems that even though the Hallowed Hill trove has been removed according to the comments on the Steam guide, GD still spawns a trove there about 50% of the time. It’s reliable enough that I still bother to check Hallowed Hill when I do trove runs.

I’ve found one in Burrwitch Cellar, the house if you try to get to warden via the Abandoned Waterfront if the house/road are blocked off. Assume it’s the same one, just an additional spawn point.

It’s still 100% chance but they’re all linked.

There are 4 spawn points in burwitch village
2 are in the cellars
1 is in the infested lair
and the last is in hallowed hill

If you can’t find it in burwitch village itself it will always spawn at hallowed hill.

I can confirm there’s 1 that appears in the East Marsh as well but do not know all the spawn points for it.

Village of Darkvale will always spawn in one of the houses.

Ah, good to know. Will have to do some cellar-crawling next time it doesn’t show up at HH. Now if I could just get the troves to give me the blueprints I need…

One is at the Bonehunters den, one a bit before the place where Uroboruuks guardian spawns, to west of that place. There is at least one more.

All the locations I’ve found that are not in the Steam guide.
Burwitch Village locations

East Marsh/Craig’s Crags

Hallowed Hill

Note that Hallowed Hill’s spawns are linked to 2 areas. The top chest is linked with the Burwitch Village spawns. The bottom chest is linked with East Marsh/Craig’s Crags. Cannot confirm but believe both chests can spawn at the one time at Hallowed Hill on very rare occasions because of this.
Tyrant’s Hold

Village of Darkvale