Tri-Damage DW Melee Pyromancer - WIP/build help

Hi all, I’m curious for some feedback and help in improving my build. I’m kinda new to the forums, but have been reading for a while. Maybe someone’s done this already, but if so then I’ve missed it! I’m no expert so any help is appreciated.

First, brief background. I came across Chthon’s DW Chaos Pyro build a while back and was intrigued. I liked the idea of DW Melee and had good experience with Chaos damage on my Witchblade previously.
Chthon’s Chaos Melee DW Pyro:

I’ve also taken some inspiration from Jagermeister’s Tri-Damage WH:

That got me thinking. I noticed that Eye of the Guardian and Abomination devotions both seem to support Poison and Chaos simultaneously, and I just love Eye’s proc – those circling eyeballs are so satisfying for some reason. So it seemed like it should work to combine the Chaos/Poison of Occultist with the Fire/Chaos of Demolitionist to make a tri-damage Pyromancer.

And thus my build was born!
Tri-Damage DW Melee Pyro:

Playstyle is pretty straightforward. CoF all over the place which procs a bunch of Eyes, toss a Flashbang to proc Solael’s RR, then Chaos Strike into the pack which procs Manticore RR. Cast a Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze (from Mark of Dreeg component) which almost always procs Tainted Eruption while surrounded. Then LMB Firestrike to glory, spewing Fiend procs constantly. It’s super fun and satisfying to play!

But I’m curious for input on taking it to the next level. I have beaten Ultimate Log, but it’s slow going in places like BoC/Port/SoT. And so far Nemesis seems out of the question.

My gear isn’t the best of course, so any suggestions? Been hoping for a Fang of Cthon to drop, but no luck yet. Maybe a Master’s Spellblade and drop Manticore?

What about devotions? It seems like Eye, Abomination, Fiend, and Solael’s are a given, but otherwise? I’m thinking to rearrange to get Hawk and drop Scholar’s Light. Ulzuin’s Torch would be great, but the points are tight as it is.

All feedback is welcomed!

Weapon wise, Fang of Ch’thon + Plaguebearer’s Master’s Spellblade is probably unbeatable due to the amount of RR those provide.

Even if you don’t get a Plaguebearer one, Master’s Spellblade would allow you to drop Manticore, grab Abominable Might and 4 nodes on Ulzuin’s Torch.

Skill wise I don’t have too much to say other than put those 3 points into Searing Strike.

Skill points should be much less tight once you’ve got better items too but that’s really a matter of getting those drops.

Here is a the post of JoV with a pic of his Pyro: Link

You are obviously missing a lot of needed gear. Fang of Ch’thon is BiS, but you should at least craft yourself a Master’s Spellblade of the Abyss or a Plaguebearer’s Master’s Spellblade. The other weapon should be a Chaos based Dagger or Wand. For example a nicely rolled Bloodsworn Scepter or a crafted Chaos Implement, if you don’t have any Legendarys to equip.

You are also missing a lot of items with +Skills for your build. An Empowered Essence of Beronath could work as an Amulet, if you have the Blueprint. Within my guide, I also suggested a lot of other alternative gearing options.

But as a beginner, Bloodsworn Scepters and crafted stuff like Master’s Spellblade or rare Chaos Implements should do the trick.

As for Devotions, you can stick with my suggested Devotion map or go with Dying God + Time Dilation.

This is great, thanks for the feedback. I have some ideas to improve and also it sounds like there’s a much higher ceiling for this build than I’ve hit so far. It’s good to know there’s further to go!

Is there much benefit in going with Time Dilation devotion proc with this sort of melee build? Is it primarily to improve Hungering Void downtime? (And does Time Dilation even affect Hungering Void?)

Well, the stats on the Devotion are pretty decent und yes, the proc affects Hungering Void.
But you also could skip it and wear the Belgothian’s Carnage Relic while having Direwolf Crest equipped to enable dual wielding.