Trials of Mana Remake

Since yesterday, Trials of Mana Remake is available on different platforms.

Never played it before but I wanted to give a try so I bought it. Playing on PC (because Switch is permanently occupied by wife/son), the download and installation of 16,9 GB took a while and this morning I was ready to go.

Played it for about 5 hours, lots of fun. Had to decide if I should play with controller (nope…) or keyboard/mouse which needed some adjustments on my side (programming mouse buttons…).

Haven´t seen much of the world yet but so far, it seems interesting and I will play more of it. Not very difficult but okay.

But one question remains: Does it really need to be so “cheesecaky”? Would a little less bottoms, legs and bosoms make this game worse? Don´t get me wrong, no problem from my side with eye-candy and son (5 years old) does not see anything sexual in it…but necessary?

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This game seems really cool so far. I loved secret of mana as a kid, evermore was interesting but the sound quality was not great and the story was pretty lame and the characters… i mean it just didnt seem like a sequel…

But the charm, for me, in evermore was of course the colors and the Alchemy, and certain areas were really cool. They did some really cool stuff with that game but overall i didnt enjoy it as much as mana.

Trials i only played for like 1 or 2 hours on snes emulator. It had good music, the art was over the top, but the main beef i had was i couldnt find one with english translation, so when this remake came out i bought it immediately.

So far i am disappointed with a lack of multiplayer. One of the coolest things about secret of mana was that you could play it couch co-op with a friend. Was really hoping that would be the case in trials.

Next in line is the horrible voice acting.

Then the skimpy outfits which are completely unessecary in a cutesy game that looks like its made for children.

Outside of that my only other complaint so far is the world seems like its such a loyal copy of the original that no one took liberties to breath more life into the towns and environments… however, its not necessarily a bad thing. Spaces just generally have a feeling of emptiness.

Now everything else about the game i love. The music is awesome. That you can switch from the remake soundtrack to the soundtrack of the original is outstanding. That original soundtrack was awesome, almost as good as secret of manas.

The combat is great! Fast. Fluid. Skills are pretty cool. Its simple and in an awesome way. Nice change of pace from the overcomplicated combats in its modern RPG peers. My only complaint is that its way too damn easy, even on Hard. Still despite all that, its a clean looking, clean moving game that feels refreshing.

Im currently playing FF7 alongside it, and sometimes FF7 just starts to give me a headache with some if its goregous but overcomplicated sequences. In those moments, i find trials of mana to be a great game to play to refresh my mental state and simultaneously scratch the RPG itch.

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