Trickster 2H

Im not sure where I should take my build post 50. Im level 52 and heres my build:


Veil of Shadow - Max
Pneumatic Burst - Max - Breath of Belgothian 1/1 - Shadow Dance - 6/10
Ring of Steel - 1/16 (utility) - Ring of Frost 1/1
Phantasmal Armor - 12/12
Anatomy of Murder - 12/12


Devouring Swarm - 1/16 (after doing the math at my current DPS of 7257, that gives me 1441 HP in return, current HP is 5391 unbuffed, and 7136 buffed)
Primal Strike - 16/16 - Thunderous Strike 1/1 -
Torrent - 1/12
Mogdrogen’s Pact 1/12 (+2 = 3) -
Heart of the Wild - 10/10 (+4 = 14) -
Oak Skin - 5/10
Wendigo Totem - 12/12


Ulo The Keeper of the Waters - Max
Eel - Max
Crane - Max
Empty Throne - 1 point

My plane in Devotions is to max Empty Throne into Harbestman’s Scythe into Kraken. After that I dont know.

I really like tjis build and have had 3 close calls pushing its limits in the Steps of Torment, somehow I didn’t die after hitting 200 HP or less surrounded by Skeletal Giants with trash and a couple elites.

I have the right idea, I’m jyst unsure where to take it, any help, or critique is appreciated. :slight_smile:

EDIT - I did have Ring of Steel maxed in the Steps of Torment but decided I only needed it for utility once I got to Homestead

go to
^upload your character, (top left arrow icon), then hit the share button below - post the link generated in your topic so people can better see your character

PS Breath of Belgothian doesn’t work with 2handers

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ok thanks, I didn’t see that.

I am having an issue with GD Tools where it does not list all items. My belt, Relic, and one ring is not listed, so what do I do?

do you happen to use a mod? - GT doesn’t work with modded items

No, I don’t use any mods. I was able to find my relic on there but it’s now my belt, a ring, and amulet.

Rare Ring - Thunderstruck Inscribed Band of The Gildam Arcanum

Rare Belt - Light Bringer’s Assault Waistguard of the Wild

Rare Amulet - Warding Crest of Supremacy

hmm no idea, you sure you uploaded from the right save location/file? - does everything else match?

I haven’t uploaded anything yet, I’ve been using the site to build the character. The item searches does not show those three items when i click on their respective slots to search for them under “Rare”

… just… upload your character directly, it’s much easier, and instant :confounded:

Didnt know I could do that. I don’t have internet anyway, I’ll figure it out along the way then :):anguished:


the items you are manually looking for are not rare(green tab)

reading what you wrote as name they are regular base items “grey”
that means for the ring slot you type in “Inscribed Band”
for belt “Assault Waistguard”
amuelet; “Crest”

after that you click the item (it should be grey or white), - then remove the name if you typed it in the search box, and hit “enter” with blank search bar
then 2 tabs should “light up” next to the item tab, called prefixes and suffixes
it’s in those you make your item “magic” or “rare”,
so for the ring Thunderstruck would be Prefix, and Gildam Arcanum suffix
etc for belt and amulet


If you don’t have internet how did you download the game?


OP can’t read your question because they don’t have the means to do so =)

That’s some terrible math right there. I thought I’m bad at it, but I don’t see how Swarm at rank 1 can you heal you that much.


The flat vit dmg on swarms at rank 1 is 3 KEKW


Perhaps he thinks that 20% attack damage converted to health is based on like any skill? :stuck_out_tongue: it is not, only the flat damage that swarms deals will be used here


Mhmm. I guess Primal Bond should deal bleeding damage to every enemy on screen because it says “x bleeding damage”. Would be sweet, that one!

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Lol i googled it. X percentage of Y value = .

I downloaded the game when it came out, i jyst dont have internet now, at this time.

On the subject of numbers: why is it when i have something equipped, my stats will increase, (physique, cunning, or spirit), and then when I remove the item and equipit again, the value it was, has dropped?

Ive had the same problem with DPS numbers too, equip, and re-equip the aame item, and at times the numbers drop.

maybe the item in question had + to some attribute.