Trickster build idea

Thinking of trying a Trickster build starting with Frenetic Throw, Heatseeker, Savagery and Summon Briarthorn. Basically a ranged character but without the firearms and a pet to take Aggro. Thoughts?

Why Savagery if it’s the FT build? Also what’s the general idea? Bleed?

Thought Savagery as a back up in case I run out of mana for FT and yes probably bleed.

Levelling up the whole Savagery just for back up is rather ineffective. Much easier to ensure that you always have mana for FT.

If you want the bleed build there’s a thread just down below, but pretty sure it doesn’t use FT, because there’s no reason to use a no CD version of the skill for DoT damage.

I’m no GD genius, but I tried to make vit/bleed pblades trickster work. It was never anything but underwhelming in my eyes

Can totally beat the game with it, but not sure you will enjoy your time in ultimate :stuck_out_tongue:

The multiple phantasmal blades won’t stack their bleed DoTs if you shotgun them right?

So using them for bleed will likely be kinda bad.

“Shootgun” skills projectiles generally never stack their DoT.

PB with FT (tested at nauseam by me and others) is only effective if you go Spellbreaker and take the aether conversion route or the cold/pierce route (even if the latter is still a questionable choice.)

You can use them without FT, but in this case they are not your main damage skill.

Pretty much that I’ve tried a bunch of PB builds and they all fall immensely short of warpfire+chaos conversion variant. Bleed/vit and chaos/vit (blood orb build) both seem quite weak.

Only thing I haven’t tried is pblades saboteur with warpfire. I feel like that would end up being okay. Any thoughts on that ETK? I’m too lazy to try it and no chance it stands up to aether/fire breaker

Tried one, but not extensively. Aside a very small increase in the DPS value on the char sheet, there’s not much point in going demolitionist.

The fact is that Arcanist solve your energy issue and at the same time give you three great skills. Mirror and Sphere of Protection are very good to have when you want to shotgun something dangerous, while Devastation is still one of the best AoE in the game (if not the best), and complement PB with FT very well.

As i have said countless times, a spellbreaker that use chaos->aether conversion is still the only PB build that is effective even in late ultimate. Such a build can be a top tier one if planned and played correctly, and net one of the biggest AoE capability in the game.

So you don’t think the build I suggested will work very well and Spellbreaker would be the way to go with FT, do you have a build I can take a look at for this?

I don’t really like to advertise myself but this is a small guide i made some time ago just because every now and then someone came to this forum asking for a PB build, and there’s not such a guide on how to play one i know of:

I must have wronged something, because the situation is still the same…:stuck_out_tongue:

ETK, you could ask for your build to be added to the compendium, it can get buried beyond the 2nd page quickly with the activity in this forum. That way people who don’t know about it can find it as well.

Thanks, looks interesting, I’ll give it a try.