TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children

contains minor spoilers

This is a xcom style game, but its based in a city called Valhalla. This nation has a serious crime issue. so they authorised the use of Troubleshooters, (which are like mercenaries, to try and keep the crime down.

Now ten years after the first Troubleshooters were authorised. A young man by the name of Albus wants to become a licensed troubleshooter, and you start the game with him getting the license and forming his own company.

Don’t be put off by the art style and the machine translated text and the story. (for the most part I like the story, but it might not be to everyone’s tastes)

The game really opens up after you played a few levels, and the game opens up new things to to tell you, and for you to do. There is research of masteries, there are buffs and abilities that you can give to each troubleshooter. If for example you get the right masteries, then it becomes a set, and that set will have an extra buff. (the tutorial for research wasn’t that good, and it reveals research a bit too early then you really need it. its only once you have find more masteries, do it really becomes clear on its use.

Each character that joins your company, has 3 classes to choose from, a basic class, then once you hit a certain level, you can unlock few more classes, each class has advantages and disadvantage. Depending on your play style.

I’m about mid way into the game, and the game has been keeping me going for a good while now, so I thought I would leave some feedback on it.

While there been a few xcom games come out recently, for the price tag, (which is fairly cheap) this is a very hidden gem that is certainly worth trying out.

So if you like this sort of game, check it out.