Trozan Cataclysm - Crucible?

Hey all,

I’ve been having a blast in MC with this one:

Of the AoM Nemesis I’ve only encountered Kuba so far and he went down rather fast.

Any advice on how to play this in crucible? She can’t take Maiden with pesky other mobs around. Not even sure about Maiden alone. Gear wise I’m not super flexible, 'cause I don’t have that much else for her. I could likely dig up some good pants and ok gloves, but those two are rather nice. An alternative would be to let go of Cataclysm, though I don’t have any other really good off-hands.

Any suggestions? Or general suggestion on how to deal with maiden on a kiting caster?

I’m only interested in Crucible up to 150. No need to overly challenge myself :slight_smile:

Up to 150 you can just clear with that Druid. If you respec into Aeon Hourglass, Crucible would be relatively easy too for you, especially given how much CDR you are packing. Very nice Gollus ring btw.

Maybe you can do Crucible without double mirror, I don’t know how Trozan druids work really.

-Both threads contain Q&A about what is good and isn’t for a spellbreaker. You should take more than a sec and actually read stuff.

-Both builds will kill enemy faster than your theorycrafted version and finding out why might give you a better understanding of the game.

-Lastly, most of the builds you ask advice for already exist on the forums. You should use the search function next time

Well if it’s just a matter of git gud that’s ok. I’d still rank myself a semi-noob for crucible.

Can clear 150 without buff and banner. Should be able to clear 170 with buff and banner.

I have an updated version for better proc-ing, but still need some testing in crucible.

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Nah, your Druid is already really really solid, just a matter of little respecing to get Aeon Hourglass devotion and taking your char’s defensive to stats to the point where you don’t get murdered while you are kiting between mirrors. Yours stats are already close to it.

thejabrixone I think has the correct build for it.

Got at least a little gud and made it to 148, messed up and got cornered by (at least!) a million Ryloks. Could have probably saved myself if I had kept attacking and not wasting precious mirror time trying to get out. Got both Maiden and Fabius during that run, so they are quite doable. Though in combination that could be…somewhat challenging.

Left the druid as she was for now, don’t like TD-mirror-cheese and will try without it for now. If all fails, there is a patch to look forward to :slight_smile:

Though i guess for the 3rd time playing gladiator with her this was pretty ok.