Try To Play

I’m going and play the game with out using any help tips or
installing any MODS.
The game looks like it might be too much to deal with though.

The game is pretty forgiving for a long time. On your first playthrough I recommend to ignore anything that is too much and just to play it your way.

Should you run into a roadblock or feel you are not making enough progress, then you might have to deal with some of the too much. Until then enjoy GD for what it is.

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Thanks for the reply!
Can you save your progress in the game at anytime and go back to
your save if you have a problem?

You can create a back up of a character file in the grim dawn save directory.

I have one tip that my be implicit. Turn off cloud sharing on Steam (if Steam version) and in Grim Dawn’s Options Menu.

This has caused more problems than anything.

You will have to move the save from your steam character save location when switching if it was enabled by default.

Go into the game blind, you don’t need builds or any of that, the game is fairly intuitive.

Thanks for your help!

It’s greatly appreciated!