Try To Play

I’m going and play the game with out using any help tips or
installing any MODS.
The game looks like it might be too much to deal with though.

The game is pretty forgiving for a long time. On your first playthrough I recommend to ignore anything that is too much and just to play it your way.

Should you run into a roadblock or feel you are not making enough progress, then you might have to deal with some of the too much. Until then enjoy GD for what it is.


Thanks for the reply!
Can you save your progress in the game at anytime and go back to
your save if you have a problem?

You can create a back up of a character file in the grim dawn save directory.

I have one tip that my be implicit. Turn off cloud sharing on Steam (if Steam version) and in Grim Dawn’s Options Menu.

This has caused more problems than anything.

You will have to move the save from your steam character save location when switching if it was enabled by default.

Go into the game blind, you don’t need builds or any of that, the game is fairly intuitive.

Thanks for your help!

It’s greatly appreciated!

Agree with all of the above. The game can get fairly complicated when you’re trying to perfect a build, but this game is a perfect example of being easy to learn and difficult to master.

Enjoy the game as it is, and learn as you go. Welcome to the greatest ARPG on the planet :slight_smile:


There’s too much going on in this game
I’m going to continue to play Torchlight 1 and 2

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Maybe play Titan Quest as it’s simpler and then come back to try Grim Dawn again.

Too much in what sense? Are you talking about the amount of affixes (stats) in the game?

I just had the same experience with Torchlight 1. I guess if you are familiar with one ARPG (family) not everyone wants to learn the ins and outs of another one.

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I’m finally getting into the game
My character is at level 10, but I still haven’t found any shrines, my Soldier character does have a skill update or devotion yet.
I’m going to start a new character.
I’m using the present one to get use to the game

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First shrine is in the cave for the first quest. If you think game is too hard there are much guides and play of game on youtobe and twich

You should have if you did the very first quest in Burial Hill and also the one Barnabas gives you after you give him the scrap. He’ll give you a key to go into the building behind him to kill a big Slith and there’s a shrine in there too.

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Thanks for the replies!
I found the shrine and got a point but it still doesn’t let me do a devotion,
my character is the Soldier, I have 50 points but I still can’t select
anything on the skill tree yet.
My character is 10th level and I think I need to search for how
to create a character because I should have been able to do
something by now.
I only wish that this game wouldn’t repopulate the area and the
game would be saved where you last were.
I’m exiting the game in Burial Hill, but I start back at town
and I have to deal with the monsters again in the Burial

You need to play with Tutorial Tips and use Help Window.
Is that what you meant when you said you were going to play without any help tips? :thinking:

Well, I was going to try to play without using any tips, but when my character got to
Level 10 and all I could do was add points to the three attributes I guess I do
need help.
I should have been able to do something with the 50 points and 1 devotion point

As to what to do with skill points - read the tip from the last picture I uploaded.

As for the devotions. Here’s the guide from RektbyProtoss

He has multiple video guides on Grim Dawn Basics: Playlist

Seriously, forget about playing blind and watch all of them and you’ll have a much better experience and won’t be so confused.

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Thanks so much for your help!

you need to level up mastery bar before you can select skills.

this is a game where you grind for loot all the time, so if monsters did not repopulate, you would eventually run out of monsters to kill and get new loot from :stuck_out_tongue: This is general for ALL ARPGS, it is fundamental for the genre. That is also why it is important to grab rift gates / checkpoints.

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Thanks for input on the game!