Trying to communicate directly with the developers/owners of Crate Entertainment

and thats what I don’t like about it. It is the worst gaming model I’ve ever heard of.


That’s one way to look at it. But what about the potentially life-changing upside for players that play the game passionately and find valuable loot that they can sell to improve their physical lives.

In the project I linked above, there are a lot of people that purchased those pieces of art for $200 and then sold them for $20,000+. There’s a few stories on Twitter about how the money changed people’s lives. One guy sold a piece for $25k and bought his family a new car.

Having actual ownership of your items and being able to freely trade them is worse than spending $5.99 for 1,000 gems and then redeeming 1,000 gems to buy a limited-time lottery draw to potentially get an Ultra Rare 6* character (which is permanently bound to an account that you don’t own and which can be deleted or disabled at any time) and also not being able to trade your 6* character, forcing you to either be disadvantaged in the game or continue paying for lottery draws until you get the character you want?

it’s all a scam to me but your method sounds like a particularly elaborate scam tbh. A few rich people get richer until the speculative bubble bursts


rich get richer, poor get poorer

Rly getting sick by reading this. Hope Crate will never consider this idea more than maybe embody NTFs as the new super boss in GD2.


Can you explain how the rich are getting richer here?.. Generally speaking “the rich” don’t have the time to play games, meaning they’re unlikely to be the ones getting rare items and selling them. But they will be buying them.

Well, that was a very interesting write up, I guess it clarified all the questions I had about what could blockchain tech have in common with an ARPG videogame, but sure, if you introduce an auction or marketplace it makes sense.

All I can tell you is I’ve chosen Grim Dawn over it’s most notable competitor because fuck the economy system and fuck pigeonholing players into trading with ‘scarce’ drop rates of items & key resources. And twice fuck the games that have a trading scene so bloated that you start to wonder if it’s still an entertainment or already a job. If I wanted to engage in something like that I would simply register a broker account.

If that’s the future of gaming then it’s looking pretty dim over here.

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Just like with bitcoin, people who actually play games will be a factor only on the early phase of game’s existence. Once getting a new item will become exceedingly difficult and normal players would lose to bot factories the main action would be between professional resellers. Some of whom might not even play the damn game.


I play video games to relax and unwind after a long day; and to escape the politically correct hellhole our world is becoming. I sure as fuck don’t want my favourite game(s) to become a monetized (with in-game and universal video game currency) online only, “1000” exclusive item drops that I can sell later. It’s fucking ridiculous. I Don’t want to make money off playing a game; I have a real job for that. I also highly doubt that this NFT thing will actually catch on anytime soon. At least I hope not. Let me enjoy my games in peace; fuck everything else.


wouldn’t you need closed servers for this to work ?

not the least bit interested, so you make $0 from me instead of $25

from idiots with more money than brains to greedy assholes with no ethics

proving my point

it may be the future of NFTs, it certainly is the death of gaming

I can’t think of anyone waiting for this. Sure, there is a sucker born every minute so chances are you find some people to fleece, but that is not at all the same.
Think of the D3 RMAH and its reception, this is much worse.

I hope there will be tons of games like this, and none of them make any money, then we can finally lay this to rest. Kinda like after WOW everyone jumped onto the MMO trend only to go broke.


Well put!:+1:t3:

Basically this, the last thing I want when I play a game is to think about how it can financially benefit me or hell to think of it as a second job. Some people can do that while having fun with it e.g. streamers, speedrunners, let’s players, but playing a game from a purely economic point of view just sounds utterly soulless and devoid of being.

The only time I see this being even remotely “fine” are for subscription-based games like Eve Online where I’ve been told you can earn your month’s amount of subscription on in-game currency, which sounds like a neat idea - keep playing the game on a fairly regular basis every month and you in theory don’t need to pay, but taking that idea even further than that and especially to an extreme is a hell no from me frankly.


First of all, whatever items you find or buy in game are still bound to the game and once that shuts down or loses players, everything you own becomes worthless as there are no buyers any more.

Second, paying 100s to 1000s of dollars for an item is worse than buying some gems for $5.

Finally, I am doing neither. To me arguing about which is better is like arguing whether kidnapping or bank robbery is better, neither is any good.


the rich can waste some $ on the items and wait for them to become more valuable, then sell them. With your mechanisms items should become rarer and more expensive in resales, driving up prices over time (assuming the demand stays constant)
Heck, with getting a percentage from every resale, I could buy every item in the marketplace and sell it again for the same price and get rich on the resales alone. Kinda like a pyramid scheme.

Also, the rich fund the game and make money that way, why bother playing it, that is a losing proposition unless you get out early enough.

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I can somewhat understand if this was in a F2P game (i still wouldn’t like it because of the crazy economy), but in a game that already asks for money upfront, i think any kind of real money economy is disgusting.


Whole thread should probably be moved to off topics :roll_eyes:

Everyone seems to be misunderstanding or purposefully ignoring the following:

  1. I am not suggesting that Grim Dawn or Grim Dawn 2 use NFTs or an NFT marketplace, I am suggesting we use the assets and engine of Grim Dawn to create an entirely separate game.

  2. Nobody would be forced to play this game, so you don’t have to rant about how much you hate real-world economies in video games; and it would obviously be f2p.

Well then, I think everyone can stop worrying - I feel pretty good about the odds of Crate doing a F2P being close to zero. Doesn’t strike me as something that medierra, or most anyone at Crate, would be interested in doing.

Maybe I’m wrong but I certainly don’t think I am. Plus I gotta be honest gamifying GD with NFT is way too controversial - they’ll receive way more negative backlash THAN good from pursuing such a move.

Considering that Crate has spent years building up a pretty loyal and committed playerbase I simply cannot imagine that they would find this idea even remotely enticing. medierra has way more common sense than to entertain demolishing years of goodwill over NFT. Or so I certainly believe.

Also, of note, is that you seem to think Crate is purely motivated by money (you have made it clear above you are appealing to their possible “greed” above). Thankfully, medierra has long ago cleared the air on how much money he needs:

So, as you can see, he’s content with his success. And as a fan of Crate I’m particularly content that he presented himself in that light.


this reminds me of what happened to torchlight series. 1st game is a fun offline single player sandbox arpg with good modding capabilities, then runic starts thinking the 2nd game would be a good mmorpg candidate. they were wrong, and they tried damage control to make the 2nd game similar to the 1st in its single player oriented design with good modding capabilities too.

then the free2play disaster happerned torchlight mobile and torchlight frontier. runic disbanded and echtra got whats left of the mess to make torchlight 3. and even then they seem to finally give up and left it to perfect world (the one who tried to push torchlight dev again and again to go the monetized mmorpg path).

meanwhile grim dawn and its spiritual predecessor titan quest are still doing fine these days. they’re not as big as diablo/PoE but they know their gamer’s niche and respects it throughout the years.

if crate’s gonna go the nft route though, perhaps doing it on a spinoff game rather than the main series would be a better. because many players imo would expect grim dawn 2 to be single player oriented like the 1st one. people generally don’t like it when sequels drastically change the fundamental genre/niche of a main series.