Trying to get a vitality cabalist together... and I am struggling

Hi folks,

I have long tried to create a vitality based build that can hold its own, but with little success so far…
I am still trying to get into theorycrafting, but I am not familiar enough with the game and its mechanics, I believe.

Anyway, here is what I have so far:

The general idea is to focus on vitality damage spells, while having some pets around so soak up some damage. Because I cannot afford much to hybrid (vitality damage is hard enough to get to work alone), I am picking pets scaling with the player’s bonuses.
This is a mid-short range caster, focused on bone harvest and sigil of consumption.

I am experiencing several issues:

  • general frailty of the toon, despite massive damage to health
  • lack of mobility
  • piano… too much piano… so many debuffs and skills to just blindly throw everywhere
  • I am highly unsatisfied with my constellations: I chose Revenant and Rattosh as they were pretty much straightforward, but then I ended up picking the other constellations almost by default, or even to cover for my missing resists…
  • still low, low damage… Killing some bosses can become so long…

Any help would be more than welcome, I really want to manage to get a vitality based caster to work (while being fun to play), but I think I have reached a point where I fail to see how to get it better…


Dark one bloody pox/ravenous earth cabalist

There’s also this beginner’s vitality cabalist by Nightmare

Personally I second the Dark One Cabalist. I have one myself and it is a very effective and satisfying character.

Alternatively, if that doesn’t interest you I would suggest going all in on Valguur’s Set and ditching the idea of Blood Knight and Revenant and pseudo-pets and soaking up damage for you because they aren’t going to soak up anything for you. Then drop Bone Harvest and invest in Destruction. Valguur’s Raiment (the chest piece you don’t have equipped) will convert at least some of the chaos damage to vitality.

Also your OA and DA are too low.

They are really strong, i’ve done 3 150-170 extra spawns runs in crucible with just 4 blessings, no banner in a single blessing duration.
Downside is that it does have some slight energy issues in main campaign, and it’s single target damage isn’t anything ultra spectacular, but still really solid cause of all the procs. Upside though is that dark ones set is a target farm so it’s easy to obtain. and it doesn’t need any ultra rare green gear to work either

Foul eruption only works if a monster is killed by Ravenous Earth and thus explodes.

You DA is low, get more points into Occultist mastery bar, you forgot the most powerful skill Occultist has defensive wise : Aspect of the Guardian.

I got rid of Bloody pox for you, and changed devotions:

btw did you upload your char file to grim tools or did you select items on your own there?

(my cabalist have shittier items that yours but has 19k life and 35% physical resists and 3.1k DA :P)

Thanks for all the replies!

@malawiglenn: no, I created the toon first on Grimtools, then I built it up following the guide Grimtools represented, and then updated Grimtools rather than re-uploading it. I have all of the items on Grimtools, but certainly not with the same stats x)
And thanks by the way! Skills and devotions definitely look better :slight_smile:

Ok, so you have not made the char yet but are looking for directions?

GrimTools show the average rolls on all stats.

Also do not neglect the power of green items, they can give huge amount of rests, life, DA/OA.

I actually have my toon up and ready, I just keep Grimtools and the toon separate at the moment so I can keep working on Grimtools independently.

I agree with the green items, it’s just I was so close to all max resist without them, I thought I’d go for legendaries. I like many of the procs on legendary items, although some may be overrated…

and if you want to go with bone harvest, get a big 2handed weapon instead with 100% vitality damage (like a decent spectral warmaul) and then use the transmuter and get Kraken constellation. You then really need some greens to get the life up to decent level.

I mean you have the blood knight set, that is tailored for bone harvest - don’t you wanna take advantage of that and focus on Bone Harvest?

2h bone harvest cabalist:

Pretty expensive but I’m sure it can be built no greens. I don’t have grimtools access at the moment so if you can figure it out for now, then good.

one can just use any thunderstruck pants/boots and a decent spectral warmaul as a decent mini-version of that build and improve it as one gets better drops.

Wow, x1x1x1x2, that looks quite fantastic and very close to what I was trying (but failing) to achieve. I will try to adapt it with the gear I can get, but that is very much what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot guys, that’s much appreciated!

I just checked my grimtools and as malawiglenn has pointed out, you can just craft 1 thunderstruck boots and craft another pants (any pants, even your generic green) that can cap resists. I only had the MIs for health in cruci.

Good to know, thanks!
Some of this stuff seems quite tough to get, but I am sure I can get around it until I get the right gear. This build is actually really fun to play, this is why I badly wanted to make it work ^^

You will get many Thunderstruk boots and legs just by playing :slight_smile: You already have 90% of the build in that set, so just work around to cap resistances as you progress and improve the build. What is nice about Aspect of the guardian is that you can almost entirely neglect Poison/acid resistance. I always aim to use Survivors ingenuity amulet and ring augments for OA and DA, but not at the expense of resistances.

Will do! Thanks again :slight_smile: