Turn Weapon Component Buffs into Passives

Now that Component Buffs are no longer auras, it seems as though the possibility exists to make these buffs into passives (e.g., Titan’s Might). This would have the advantage of making weapon swapping a little less cumbersome as the buffs would never need to be reactivated (e.g., swapping from a pair of weapons with two components to a different pair with the same components would still give you the same bonuses).


  • Weapon swapping becomes better.
  • Frees up space (and removes tedium) on a player’s hotbar.


  • Could no longer attach celestial powers to component buffs.
  • The buffs would essentially be free stats, with no Energy Requirement. (Hacky ‘solution’: make the passives reduce energy regen slightly)
  • 5 minutes of development time.


I lose 2 buff when I switch to rifle so this would help. Maybe they could just make the skill auto cast itself.

Me like :slight_smile:


Excellent idea, I support this.

I suggested the same in one of the preview threads. The only real disadvantage is you can’t attach devotions to them then.

I like the proposition. With the curent energy stack, weapon buff means almost nothing in terms of energy menagement, so getting rid of them for QoL is a good idea.

I love it. It’d make me actually want to weapon swap during a fight

A good point; I neglected that. Will add it to the list of cons. In truth, I do often wind up with builds (particularly Nightblades) that have a dearth of available permanent buffs to attach Celestial Powers to. Kind of a shame. :frowning: