Tweaking Agony EoR/Retal Build

EoR Retal Sentinel

Remembering the glory days of the Agony mace in vanilla, I was curious what’s doable with its RATA skill mod for EoR. Since I’ve never gone beyond dabbling in acid or retal builds, I wanted to see if any veterans could suggest improvements to devotions, gear, or skills.

Issues I’ve seen:

  1. Build is somewhat glassy. I’ve been oneshot by Grava’s wing flap without the damage absorb from Posession.
  2. Hard to get adequate OA/DA without greens.
  3. No slow res.

My experience with a retal character was a fun one but had some flaws.
This won’t solve your problems but I did learn from this guy that if I use retaliation then it becomes the main way to kill and OA turns to dust. My only thought would be to mod your devotions to more OA and not worry about retal so much.

You dont need the gallstone and murmur for conversion.
Id ditch the Shuroth rings for Sethris or proper retal rings. Why no Vilescorn Bracers? Stonetreads would push your Armor.
Why did you chose Covens bane augment?
I also wouldnt choose the bloodbinding augments. Maybe covens augments for 7 ele resist?

Gallstone I get, but what do you mean by Murmur not being necessary? Does the RR have no effect on RATA or something?

I mean murmur converts fire to acid, which already is provided by Agony.
So its not necessary per se. Maybe the attack speed makes it superior to Retal choices like Stoneguard etc.

Thorn Girdle and Stoneguard both are about break-even on damage, but Murmur also has a lot of OA that the other two don’t. Thanks also for the tip about the rings; I’ve gotten a decent performance boost out of them.

Here’s the new variant.

glad to hear. Keep in mind: 2x black matriarch might be BiS, but not for the proc, which doesnt stack.