Two-Handed physical WitchBlade, No Green Item(MI), No doping-all superboss killer(ver.

The article below is about the original build. For the final build, go here
With the release of the game version 1.2.02, I have created a new, upgraded Final edition of this Witchblade :slight_smile:

A true Macho character does not use any shield. He only uses simple, powerful physical powers from his big, heavy club to take down his enemies. He never shows his back, even in battles with super bosses like Ravager and Mogdrozen.

Do you want a character like this?
The answer is my two-handed Leviathan Witchblade.

I hadnโ€™t seen a WitchBlade that coolly pummeled super bosses with a two-handed club in years, so I decided to make one myself.

It was developed with the goal of quickly beating all super bosses without using shield, without using hard-to-obtain MI, and without any drug doping.

All resists are 30+ over 80. Freeze and Slow resists are also all over 80. Trap resist is 56%. Aether and Chaos resists are 17 over 80, and 14 over 80, respectively, but there is not a single moment of danger from melee combat with Alexander, who primarily uses Aether attacks.

Attack speed is 194% base, but maxes out at 234%.
Physical resist is 64%.
Phisical resist reduction is max 122%.
DPS is 186506.

Health steal is always 18% by default.
In addition, you get 10%+598 health instantly whenever you jump, every 2.7 seconds, thanks to Blessing of the Dryads.

There are also a lot of survival mechanisms(30% damage reduction by War Cry skill, 25% damage absorption by Nature Guadians in Devotion, 15% damage absorption by Prismatic Diamond of head gear. All of these apply overlappingly.
This character has no particular drawbacks

This is the result.

For reference, no drug doping is required for all Superboss battles except for Mogdrozen. For Mogdrozen, my Witchblade is doped with +30 Lightning Resistance, but, with some kiting, you can safely take him down without doping.

I would be very grateful if you could try this character, improve it further, and post the improved version on this board.

(Nothing is impossible ----a fight in Hell)

Also, Iโ€™d love it if youโ€™d use my Bysmiel Pet Conjurer, who is very a popular all-superboss-killer :
powerfully upgraded ver 3.0(game ver. :