two ideas


two ideas:

  1. Add affixes to epic and legendary items. For balance, you can strengthen the mobs with different mutators (1 for normal, 2-3 for the elite, 4-6 for the absolute).
    The reason for this I think is - the longer you play and the more items are accumulated in the chest, the more senseless becomes the pharming. In the new DLC I will also knock out all the new purple objects, runes and what to do next? Will only beat out green objects, right? The incentive and interest are lost, :furious:
    Example: In the bastion of chaos, I mine a mace from the boss, as soon as I knocked it out, this part of the game is over for me and it makes no sense to go there.
    Affixes would allow infinite polishing of the build.
  2. make the components not in pieces, since they do not want to make automatic selection.
    Now the collection of components has turned into a terrible clicker, where after every pile of mobs you need to click on 50-100 times.:furious::furious:
    Thank you.

There are mods that have 1), I am no fan of that, makes it too much of a grind, so definitely not something I want the game to add.

And 2 has been asked for before and it’s not happening. Nor is autopick being added, there are mods that do that already for you if you want.

I know that there is such a mode (cataclysm), but I would prefer it in the original game.
I’m surprised that you do not need a grind in ARPG, where the main goal is to kill mobs and receive items.
Those players who do not want to polish their assembly as much as possible will be able to play on legendaries with any affixes, and enthusiastic players will be able to endlessly engage in knocking out the right affixes, as well as now with green items

People already complain about stats deviation in epics and legendaries, adding affixes like in yellow and green items would make this several times worse. Getting good affixes in green items is one of the things a lot people complain about because it’s extremely difficult to get a green item with good affixes. Now you want to add that to epics and legendaries.

Affixes would allow infinite polishing of the build.

Crate doesn’t want “infinite” of anything to character progression. They want character progression to end at one point.

The difference between green items with affixes and legendary items is only that green objects with bad affixes are unplayable. And the legends should stay with the current base (proks, stats, bonuses), affixes would simply strengthen them and add variability.
I heard that Crate talked about “character development”. But I do not say anything about development, it does not depend on the items.
I just want more replay. To always be something to do, even a player with chests filled with purple items.
Now, personally, I have such a situation that I’m not looking to break all the violet and blue items, and I play only in the crucible.
And it demotivates me.

Playing the Crucible only would demotivate me too :wink:

Except variability is what a lot of people don’t want in epics and legendaries because being static is their thing. Greens and yellows having different stats depending on affixes is their thing. You want to homogenize them, killing their identity.

Itemization is part of character development and adding affixes to epics and legendaries just adds another tedious, extremely long step to character progression. Again, people already hate that is extremely difficult to get greens with good affixes.

Not to mention the amount of insane balancing needed to accomodate this. I can already picture some of the strongest items being flat out broken with the right affixes, meaning they would need to be toned heavily. And this is not just an handful of items, it’s several dozen items. Can you imagine Runeguard Greaves with Stonehide of Kings? Jesus Christ.

Infernal Shar’Zul’s Worldeater of Wildfire LOL:)

  1. Balance is now also not observed.
  2. You gave an example of a theoretical purple shoes with rare affixes. Yes, it’s imba, but they still have to be knocked out, are not they?)
  3. increasing the number and variety of items on one database - that’s what affixes will give. Now there are too few items, there is nothing to do in the game. And if there is nothing to do in the game, then people go to other games.
    I understand that this is a game like “paid and free”. but what the hell do not you want to play it 5-10 years as a Titan quest, not 1-2 years?


I have already said how to balance the strengthening of legendary legends with affixes - add mutators in the location with any pluses to the mobs, their number and strength.
And again, if such affixes on the subject and fall out, it will be a worthy reward for perseverance in the farm.

Soulrend with Frostborn of Shattering, jesus goddamn christ. Yeah, terrible idea in my honest opinion that i hope it never happens (and i think the devs feel the same way, at least i hope so).

I just noticed these two examples would allow these two weapons to have 100% conversion with these affixes. Tons of balancing and work just because some people “want something to do”.

There are thousands of items in this game so I don’t see how there can be too few.

I have already been playing this game for 6 years now since the early access alpha came out. I fully expect to spend many more years playing it.

As Norzan said, Crate have stated they don’t want infinite progression of your character. They want to see a definite end point.

Welcome to Power Creep. This does nothing to add interest or variability to the game. It’s just another layer of power creep.

You make items stronger, then you make mobs stronger to compensate. Why bother? What makes this interesting or fun? The novelty would wear off very fast.

the total number of items is yes, huge. But, most of them are garbage. I meant mythical purple items. They are few, you need much more.
how many purple shoes in the game? how many purple gloves on the poison in the game? how many mythical two-handed swords or maces in the game?

No, we don’t. There are plenty to cover the various build possibilities and as said rebalancing everything simply isn’t worth the time and expense it would take to do.

You have to remember that most players don’t even see a Legendary item probably, or very few, since most players only play Normal difficulty and then move on to something else.

Care to provide examples? I can maybe count with my two hands the amount of underwhelming legendaries. Most legendaries have a spot at least in one build, with a lot of them being a solid option in a spot competing with others.

So you want to dillute the pool of items even more, to make finding items harder? I’m sure a lot of people are gonna thrilled with this. (that last one was sarcasm).

I’m seeing more and more people wanting games like these to become MMOs when it comes to grinding items and leveling, even though the focus is in single player.

as an option - to enter into the game NPC, which could reroll affixes (analogue - a fortune teller from Diablo 3).

produced in the smithy shoes impervious of kings, went to the NPC and changed the prefix to some other list available.
The same resources, the same money - but as a result, good affixes will get more chances of accessibility.

As for affixes to the legendary items, I will hope for it. And there, let the developers decide, everything is in their hands :slight_smile:

Sorry, but the closest you’re likely to get is the new transmute at the inventor’s apprentice.

Because Zantai’s already vetoed what you’re suggesting. From the stream of the 27th July.

“Greek_Feta_Cheese:@CrateEntertainment is there going to be a vendor that re-rolls stat tiers or a vendor that adds a random prefix or suffix to an items that only has one prefix/ suffix ?
I wouldn’t say we’re planning on doing anything like that.”

I read about it, and it did not interest me. I do not have problems with purple items and I do not need to rework legendary items to others. This option is useful only for those who have few items in the chests.
It’s a pity, but let’s play on what’s there.