Two questions about modding

Hey guys. Just started trying to get into modding but really lost. I’ve looked through the stuff in the Mod Compendium and some of the Tutorials but can’t seem to find how to get started.

As per the Official Game Guide on Modding, I’ve opened up the Asset Manager and extracted the core game files, but not sure how to proceed. Hence, here are my questions:

  1. Doing the above took about 6 GB of hard drive space. How can I get rid of that?
  2. I’d just like to write a really simple mod that decreases required experience per level. I’m not too fussed with the numbers, but if I could choose I’d probably make each level 1% faster per character level. So at level 10, you level 10% faster than vanilla; at 50, 50%; etc. If a mod like this exists, could someone please point me to where it would be? If not, I guess I’d be using this thread to modify the curve, but I don’t know where to start! Do I use the Asset Manager, or something else?

Thanks for any responses! And sorry if it’s really obvious; I’ve never really modded any games before so this is new to me.

Not at all since the asset manager and various other tools need the extracted resources to run correctly.

To archive this, you need to change the player level experience equation.

In Asset Manager, create a new mod and click Database -> Import Records and import:

Now naviagte to the database tab on the left side of the Asset Manager.

There should be a folder called “Modname/database”. Expand it until you can see the following structure: Modname/database -> records -> creatures ->pc

Now click the “pc” folder. On the right you should be able to see a file called playerslevels.dbr. Open it via double click or right click -> edit.

A window should open. On the right, click Experience Levels. This should make 3 entries appear on the right, including “experienceLevelEquation” which is the equation you want to change.

It’s the equation that tells the game how much exp you need per level.

When you adjusted it, go to File -> Save and close the DBR Editor.

Back in Asset Manager hit F7 or Build -> Build to build your mod.

Your mod should now be ready to get used.

If my maths calculations are correct, this is the equation you need to use instead of the original one:


this is the part were the magic happens:


But don’t forget the clamp behind +36 and before the equation, otherwise the math rule “point before line” will cross your plans :wink:

Holy mother of god you are a bloody legend Elfe! Those are the easiest instructions to follow and my mod is now working :D!

One thing about your formula though; 1-(playerLevel/100) ends up being too quick. Level 84 -> 85 would only take 16% of the time it takes in vanilla! I don’t know what the formula is to increase levelling by 1% per level but I ended up running with 1-(playerLevel/200) which means 84 -> 85 is about 72.4% faster (0.58 times vanilla). I think that’s right?

But omg thank you so much! I love GD but I just don’t have 50+ hours to sink into each and every build, so this will make things a bit easier.

Well my formula decreases the needed amount of exp per level by 1% so…yes, with 84% less needed exp it might become a bit too fast.

But it’s your mod so if this works out better for you then that’s fine :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I didn’t explain properly. I meant 1% increased exp gain per level. So 84 -> 85 would be 100% / 1.84. Sorry for the confusion!

One last thing, if you know it: what files do I copy so that the shared stash from vanilla is copied to custom games? I tried copying transfer.gsh, transfer.gsh.bak, transfer.gst, and transfer.gst.bak, but it just made the characters I copied over revert back to how they were in vanilla -_-