Two Suggestions

So had the idea of doing a gun + shield build, except that got hamstrung by the shield skills such as Shield Slam and such, not requiring just having a shield equipped but they also need a melee weapon equipped. now logically, if we’re using the shield as a weapon why would we also need a melee weapon.

unless this is a technical limitation, then otherwise I guess I’d have to alter my build.

Second suggestion: Better pet Affixes for weapons, was going through grimtools looking at pet based Affixes on weapons to pair with Sovereign Blade to use as a stat stick over Black Scourge… and there wasn’t much, Just of Binding and of Bestial Rage. I mean that alone can’t let it compete with Black Scourges stats.

I mean it could compete damage wise if it had access to ring Affixes for pets, and i guess you’d be trading +2 in the bonds of bysmiel line for buffed pets.