Two Worlds 1 play as pure mage

I am playing Two Worlds 1 again just for nostalgia. I made a full play through before with a melee hybrid: Strength of God, Grapple Ivy, Reflector Shield, Berserk, Defensive Combat/crit guy.

Now I am playing as a pure mage using all schools of magic (4 elements, necromancy)

At level 17 now playing only middle difficulty (not hard mode) because higher HP in monsters didn’t sound fun for a mage in a game that damage spells not so powerful.

I consider the enemies my test cases and try different magic strategies! I found water has crowd control I didn’t know about and also found the best direct damage strategy isn’t to spam your best spell, but rather to alternate a booster spell (overpower or concentration) and then damage spells.


Seriously Two Worlds is the only game I ever dropped because of the voice acting.

Two Worlds is one of those games I always want to go back to, but something about it (not the voice acting) just makes me stop. Maybe it’s because I try to be too much of a jack of all trades…

Actually I think most everyone hated the voice acting. In the steam version I have now the voice acting is removed and there is just text!

It was my first RPG and I really enjoyed it, though I only played the easiest setting. I loved the way you could improve your gear/weapons (?) by stacking an identical piece on top of the one you were using.

Voice acting never bothered me, maybe because it was my first game of this type. Before that I was a city builder.

Never could get into playing a mage though. Iirc for one thing you couldn’t shoot fire/lightning, etc, from your staff which seemed a bit odd to me. :undecided:

Haven’t really tried TW2, do have it but it doesn’t have quite the same appeal as the original.

yeah I ended up jumping onto last night and reinstalling TW:Epic Edition. Perhaps I’ll fire it up tonight and see if I can remember why I stopped playing…either that or I’ll play some more Batman:AA or Rebel Galaxy :smiley:

Yeah I never made it very far last time…but my save game was still around. I think the combat frustrated me, but I’m working my way through it.

I have to say, I’m finding myself enjoying Two Worlds - I also find myself blasting through the dialogues and just reading the quest log…

When I get to an area where I’m being overwhelmed, I head back and take a different path. Finally found some decent armor, and learned Stoneskin…talk about a nice passive skill :slight_smile:

Money is starting to roll in nicely now as well.

I need to come up with a strategy for fighting the Glacial (Glacier?) Orcs - they’re a little hard to kite than the Groms…and I just came across the Dwarves. Perhaps tonight I’ll learn how badly they’ll hand my arse to me :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m mostly concentrating on fighting skills. I have Water, Fire and Necro magic skills, but I only use firebolt to stun archers when they’re trying to run away, or to distract them from shooting me as I run at them - Water is fantastic for healing…and Necro? Well, I kinda learned that on accident :smiley: