Ugdenbog,secret area around Altar of Rattosh

Hi all,
i managed to enter this area with atherials once ,but i have forgot where the entrance is.
Can you help me out?

No way to get there far as I know. If there is it must be the biggest secret in the game. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I am pretty shure there is an entrance to thr area with the atherials. I checked the grimmtool maps and there is no secret path around the area.
Was this patched out?

you sure you’re not thinking of another aetherial area in the jungle? :sweat_smile:
because there is one inside Ancient Grove :wink:

Is there an area in the SS where you fight atherials and exit from the stonehead like in the SS?
Does anyone have an idea what i am talking about?

If you check pathing, you will see that there is no way to enter this area.

There is? :thinking:

I know. Its either i buged out or there really was a way to get there but was scrapped later on.
Zantai could tell us more. It was in i managed to get there.

Mobs, chest,atherials. Ev3rything was there.
You go under a bridge to get to the area. Not the broken one.
The one from the SS

and afaik that area was never accessible

again, it’s in an entirely different section in another area of the jungle, inside ancient grove

someone didn’t explore the dungeon fully :smirk:

you sure you’re not thinking of Mourndale from Lone Watch path now ? :sweat_smile:

even though it’s not AoM maybe you mixed it up with the area next to Deadman’s Gulch Rift ?

One mob had an usual name in that area also. Written in caps.
I never thoguht about taking a ss then. Ah…
Could Zantai give us more info. I dont want to appear as a nutjob.