UI and other Quality of Life Changes

Hey all, new here but I have done some digging (and lurking) on this topic. From what I understand, there is no access to UI elements from the modding tools. I’ve seen small additions and edits to interface elements in other mods; mostly larger conversions and Grim Internals. My question is: Is it at all possible to create, move, alter, etc UI elements from Lua, or some other community understood method that I’m missing? I’m a software engineer so I’m not opposed to getting my hands dirty with code, I just don’t have the time to reverse engineer and there’s no well documented API.

To be clear, I’m hoping to do things like adding buff/debuff icons to the target monster bar, adjust the cooldown overlay on skills to include a number, etc. Thanks in advance for any direction pointing here.

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All you can do is changing existing stuff’s appearance / location on the screen. There is no way to add new ui elements or change the way they work outside what the game already supports as that’s hardcoded.

Besides displaying a text on the screen [UI.Notify(string text)] or making NPCs speak [Character.Say(string text)] there is also no lua API for user interface interaction at all. You can link lua scripts to conversations or quests and therefore do some ui trigger work but that’s already all about it.

Fair enough, thanks for the reply. I had assumed that was the case but hoped otherwise.