UI and resistance totals display

Having over-resist matters quite a bit for dealing with some content, such as Nemesis bosses, later Crucible levels, and some more “ordinary” mobs that have strong resistance reduction capabilities. Unfortunately, at present players don’t have a over-resist totals given to them (to the best of my knowledge), which means they either don’t know how ready they are for certain encounters or they go through a fairly painful process of calculating resistance totals one resistance at a time.

A simple solution would be to list “uncapped” resist totals for a given difficulty (normal, elite, ultimate) could show up on a tooltip, on mouseover.

If physical resistance could be listed in an easy-to-see place, then that would also be helpful.

Thank you in advance for considering this request!

We do have overcapped resistances show now. Hover over the resist on your C screen. And Physical Resistance is located in tab 3, under Defenses.

This caught me by surprise to hear, but it is helpful to know. Thank you.

I think a lot of players probably have no idea that over-resist totals will be shown because unless over-resists are there, nothing shows up on mouse-over. Thus, when players are still exploring how the UI works, there’s no “placeholder” message on mouse-over to indicate that when they finally have over-resist, that it will be visible.

So, I amend my first suggestion as follows:

When a resist doesn’t have over-resist, have a mouse-over pop-up say …

"When you have a higher resist total than the maximum for this resist, it will show up as “x% over maximum” when you hold your mouse over this resistance on the user interface.

Please note that over-resist totals help you defend better against enemies that can reduce your character’s resistances."

… or something along these lines.

I think generally that’s not so important that an extra tooltip is needed. The game can’t fully explain everything within it and not clutter the hell out of your screens.