UI Element Positioning (faction window)

Hi all,

I changed the amount of negative reputation it takes to reach Nemesis with enemy factions to 15000 down(up?) from 20000, Hated from 8500 to 5000, and Despised from 5000 to 800.

Naturally this has caused a bug within the mod wherein the faction window correctly displays the amount of rep i have, but incorrectly displays the tier marks for each of the reputation categories.

My thought was to edit records/ui/factions/factions_negativetiermark1 and 2 so that their X positions translated correctly to the new scale. I calculated the following values:

Original --> Mod
Tier1: 422 --> 416
Tier2: 604 --> 562

Logically it makes sense that this change would move the bitmap position, but in-game, this does not appear to be taking effect. Am I missing dependencies or is there another way to do this?


I answered my own question. It turns out the textures used for the marks are literal bitmaps that allow for mouse interaction. What I needed to do was modify the negative faction overlay texture in Photoshop to account for the new mark positions.
For some reason the asset manager exported the texture upside down, so fair warning for anyone attempting to do this.
After the texture was edited and imported, it was merely a case of editing records/ui/factions/factions_negativebaroverlay to point to the new texture.

Hope someone finds this useful!