UI feature suggestions

1. Give us a way to see potion cooldown without slotting them to the actionbar
There are specific hotkeys for energy and health potions in order to save space on your actionbar, however this removes the ability to see when they’re usable again.

2. Keyword searching on items in stash and inventory
Maybe this is harder to implement than it sounds due to way things are coded, but it would be really nice. A feature to highlight gear in a specific level range (for example 40-50) would be neat too, especially when levelling up alts and scouring through the shared stash for gear you left for new characters.

3. More tabs in the shared stash
Would be especially nice now that we’re getting more items in the new expansion. I don’t think I’m the only hoarder and using the personal stash is a hassle since the majority of items you’ll throw into your bank are meant for other characters rather than the one you’re currently playing as.

  1. Forgotten Gods will give one more personal and one more transfer stash tab. For any more you’d need a third party tool like Grim Dawn Item Assistant or GDStash.

Cool, will be of some help.

Good points, I think everybody wants the search feature in the stash/blacksmith menu.
In the last dev stream this was asked a couple of times, but Zantai said, it would be quite difficult to do, so all we can do is hope^^

But talking of UI features, I have a suggestion of my own:
How about adding a button to the riftgate-worldmap, that returns you to your own rift instantly? So you don’t have to scroll over the whole map every time, when you teleport between, let’s say Necropolis and Devils Crossing.
It should not be too hard to realize and would be a nice little gameplay improvement. :wink:

PS: Oh and I’m very happy to hear about the extra stash slot. It will make my mules slightly more effective :slight_smile:

See here: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53629

See here: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72880

Consent to medea fleecestealer!

Nice, going to give it a try.

Been playing around with Grim Dawn Item Assistant and while it seems to work fine, I can’t help but feel a bit paranoid at the risk of losing items.
I see two rather new posts bringing up the subject and whilst one offers a potential solution, it still leaves me feeling uneasy.

“I think something happens if you don’t pause long enough after putting the items in the stash. So walk away far enough and pause for a second or two. After I have been doing this, everything has been working. At least so far.”

I understand that adding searches in-game and such might be impossible or require so much work that it’s not worth the endeavour but my main issue is the stash size, I can live without a search function.
Why not at the very least double the current size for the expansion? I don’t see how that would be an issue.

Medierra had his reasons.

If you’re worried about losing items both GDIA and GDStash allow you to make backups and you should do so regularly just in case anyway.

Since there’s an actual reasonable thought behind the stash limit design I can live with that choice.
Though I have to say, if we could fit one of every ‘epic’ and ‘legendary’ item I’d be completely satisfied. I just like being able to gear out my many new characters and you never know when balance changes (either directly to items or indirectly to classes) makes new sets or items more viable.

I got an error when trying to connect to a cloud account but that’s probably something I’ll have to take up in the GDIA thread if I decide on using the tool.

For both of those tools it’s best not to use cloud saving since it can cause problems.

GDIA is backup up the cloud, that is what he referred to. Apart from that, yes, GD cloud saves are finnicky and do not like tou changing files while GD is running (at least sometimes, seemingly randomly) and reset the stash to an empty one with one page

Yeah that’s what I was talking about. Can you make it create backups locally on your HDD?

I’m oneof those people who want to hoard, but also ended up deleting my entire save folder because my mules were getting out of hand. This is of course, because I underestimate the amount of items I want, and because lategame epics drop faster than the dynamite I need to efficiently dispose of them. In fact, sometimes I found enough epics+ in a dynamite/stonehead mine run that it was almost being equal to the raw dynamite dropped.

If I did cronley runs, that would be two or three bosses (Cronley + Moneybag+Direni , optionally Hallion), and a bunch of heroes, and potentially a Fabulous, with a few heroes along for fun. Grimtools lists three guaranteed dynamites.

Hallion has 0.3 probability to drop dynamite, Martin drops 1 with 0.3 chance to drop another, that’s 4.6 dynamite on average from 4 bosses killed. You can easily end up with surplus epics/legendaries, and I find hunting for aether crystals/shards to be a huge bore, literally to the point of blacking out/snoozing off during playing.

For GDstash I have my problems with it, and same with IA. The latter doesn’t run too well on my laptop, it uses up too much resource, and the former’s UI has duplicating buttons too close to legit item movement buttons, even with “legit mode” (no crafting) on.

Sorry to necro an old thread, but is there any chance with the FG expansion to get item 1 from the OP?

There are some builds that could really benefit from having the extra 2 skill slots while still being able to easily see potion cooldowns, a relatively simple QoL improvement.

I previously used Grim Internals for this functionality, but with the release of an x64 executable, the author of the Grim Internals utility has stated that there will likely never be an x64 verison unfortunately. And I cannot go back, ever since early access the x86 version would hiccup for a second or 2 every couple of minutes for me causing rubber banding and potential danger in the temporary loss of control. The game just plays a lot smoother on x64 for me.

Thanks for the great game and continued support.

Edited to add the Grim Internals note.

It’s be really nice to be able to filter the inventory based on level so it’ll be easier to identify stuff that’s relevant for the current character.

Also, filter components by type of items they fit, their effects etc.

If you hover over a component it shows you what items they fit.

You can also hold CTRL to hide item descriptions.

True, but filtering will be better.