Grim Misadventure #56: What's New in B22

No. This isn’t PoE. $25 gets you the whole game.

If the devs add more inventory then what they originally thought that’s fine - or if they add more in an expansion (which can make sense) that is also fine for me.

Going PoE and selling inventory space for real money is stupid unless it’s in a F2P game (even then I dislike it).

Not sure where med referred to Diablo, but you do not have to look back 15 years, D3 still has no bigger storage than GD will have with B22 :wink:

Same goes for TL2 (without mods)

The only one I am aware of that actually is bigger by default is VH2…

Not to say that more tabs wouldn’t be better, just to show that GD is not alone here and you do not have to go back 15 years to find the last ARPG that had smaller storage

Great changes! Now all we need is truly one time random dungeons showing up all over the place that will give unlimited game play!:smiley:

The only one I am aware of that actually is bigger by default is VH2…

Even then, aren’t most items bound anyway? That’s how it was in VH1…

Eh. I agree with Dejnov, Naiko, Mantis, and Shuranosuke (among others).

If we don’t get an in-game GDVault, someone will make an external GDVault. 1 tab or 4 tabs, same difference.

I wish I had time in my life to be upset about something so incredibly trivial. Really though, those things were added with very little time (probably less than 5 minutes for honey) and that time isn’t what kept us from implementing infinite storage.

Storage is actually kind of a personal thing, in terms of what is the right amount for people. Some people obviously want infinite storage and wish they could collect and categorize everything in the game. Other people will never hang on to enough stuff to fill up the storage available. Another group likes to collect things but wants some limit that eventually forces decisions about what to keep and what to sell.

Both the second and third type of player are similar, just one makes the decision proactively to sell things before they accumulate and the other holds onto things for a while until they’re pushed into making a decision as space becomes limited.

If you’re a hoarder who wants infinite space, you might be thinking “why on earth would anyone not want to keep all their items?!” Basically because people start to become overwhelmed by the amount of crap that they have. It becomes tiring looking at it all, sifting through it, trying to organize it. Some people love that but most people find it burdensome. Yet, left to their own devices with infinite space, a lot of people would just keep collecting things to the point that they didn’t even want to open their stash and have to deal with all the shit in their there.

I think for many, myself included, it also starts to diminish the perceived value of items as you amass a vast trove of them. If you have limited space and you find a duplicate epic weapon, you’ll tend to look at the stats and sell the lesser one. With infinite space, you’d probably keep collecting duplicates, because why not, and you’d end up with a dozen pairs of “The Final March.” Personally, I’d find that kind of immersion breaking looking at pages of multiple “unique” items. I mean, sure, we all know that items can drop infinitely but actually collecting them and seeing multiple copies laid out next to one another for different epics just kind of twists the knife in the gut of my suspension of disbelief.

I don’t have any hard metrics on this but my feeling is that the majority of players fall into the categories of not caring about stash size, wanting a limit on it or not realizing they want a limit on it but would have a detrimental experience if there weren’t one.

Either way, it is almost a certainty that someone will create a GDVault type program to add infinite storage for those who desire it - in fact, I know people have already worked on one. So it seems most practical to build in some reasonable limit, not too small and not too large, that will please most players, then let modding take care of those who need to collect it all.

Interesting. I disagree on several points - “getting overwhelmed” could be solved by the basic search function of TQVault, which could be refined further, by level, type, and so on; we get duplicate uniques all the time as it is, not only on the same character, but in the same session, and sometimes in the same drop from the same monster. But I guess the “third type of player” is one you guys have to keep in mind too.

Anyway, at least I can understand the reasoning behind the decision now that you’ve laid it out. :slight_smile: Thanks. I’ll just wait for the inevitable Vault.

TBH - storage enhancement wasn’t in the plan to begin with, so what we will get is a bonus. Thank you Crate!

These types of things have a habit of growing and growing and growing, I.e. Scope creep. First, it’s infinite storage, then sorting, filtering, tabs, colors, blah, blah, blah.

I want to play an ARPG, not an inventory management game - Ack, gag, barf!

So, I think this is a good compromise and let someone else create a GD Vault.

I totally respect that some people want to curate the ultimate loot collection and would probably love a search function but for me, that wouldn’t alleviate the feeling of looking at an overwhelming wall of crap, it would just add an element of comedy.

I also feel like it would take me out of the game world and feel more like some sort of application software.

It sounds like a fine enhancement for GDVault though. :wink:

It makes me cringe when I get or see people get 2-3 of the same epic in a session. I’d eliminate that if there were an easy way to do it that wouldn’t create other problems. However, I feel like the irritation to my suspension of disbelief is only fleeting in that case, as I compare the duplicates and then sell one. It doesn’t seem as bad as having an infinite stash with multiples of everything.

All the storage space a real warrior needs… is a pair of hands. :slight_smile:

First, I’d like to say I appreciate all the work you’re putting into the game, and also the fact you’re finally enhancing the storage system.

However, I feel like the current “1 big personal stash + 1 small transfer stash” is an outdated mechanic, and serves no purpose besides virtually limiting the player’s storage capacity. Wouldn’t it be better and simpler to have an infinite chest ( we’d still have to buy additional pages though ) that is shared by all the characters ?

Having to rely on 3rd party applications to fully enjoy a game really sucks. :frowning:
I hated having to use TQVault, but I accepted it because I couldn’t expect any update to TQ with Iron Lore’s closure.

apparently you have not read the post you were quoting :wink:

Having to rely on 3rd party applications to fully enjoy a game really sucks. :frowning:

so you fall into the hoarder category of the three med mentioned - the only one yearning for an unlimited stash - no idea how big each group is, I tend to fall into that one with games I like too :wink:

Given that copying stashes is easy, I have no problem with the proposed solution, obviously having it all in game would be easier, but it is still a lot better than just about anywhere else, where you cannot switch stashes while in game…

Next chunk of content should give us a few more levels to play.

I have (several times), but English isn’t my mother language so maybe I’ve missed something… :o
It just felt like medierra was implying that we could just use 3rd part applications to fix our problems when he mentioned GDVault ( which isn’t even a thing AFAIK ) .

Well this game is all about collecting items, and in my humble opinion a lot of GD items, mainly epics, are worth keeping. It’s specially true with the dual mastery system which encourages people to create plenty of rerolls, so any item could be useful. And yeah I love collecting stuff and just look at it…

I do know copying stash files is easy, but having to mess with game files just feels plain wrong… I agree that the B22 changes will be a huge improvement from the current storage system, but it won’t fix it. It will just postpone the moment when I’m completely out of space.

Hoorah! More stash space. Thank God, now I might be able to find all those items for my Nightblades and Arcanist that I know I’ve got somewhere. :wink: And thank you for not making us pay again and again to get at the stash. That’s going to be a real relief to my virtual wallet.

Great news! And what do we know about the so-called ‘devotion’? Was it just an elaborate ruse from the devs (as I start suspecting)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you’re so right medierra.

I am like you, I love to keep my loot, but I really don’t want to be submerge by it.
I feel like you found the good compromise.
For me space wasn’t a problem because when I find an item or a build I like, I create it and so the char could stock himself the matching loot.
You can see them as mule, but not really because I play them occasionnaly when my mains are hight enought or for change (lvl 15 to 30 are not mule :wink: ).

There is not so much loot that you really need to keep (need != don’t want) :
Higher level green: if not higher level -> dismantle or sell
Higher level epic or very specific epic -> other dismantle or sell
You don’t need all the epic of the game, else it’s just for collection so using another appli to do so must not be a problem, you won’t use these items…

For component when you have too much of them, you can use crafting:

  • to try to get better item
  • to get component of higher level.

Well GD give us a lot of option to not be submerge, we can offer a second live to the item we like by crafting, dismanbeling or selling them.

My only problem with space was the share stash because I have got a lot chars. But build 22 coming soon :slight_smile:

i agree with all you said. i just don’t see the point to add so little storage, what’s the purpose ? because the problem is already answered by the “wait for the mod/manage your stash files” things. B22 won’t solve anything in this regard. if you’re a hoarder like much of us it won’t be enough, if not the current storage stash should be sufficient.

i mean, we won’t have a loot manager in GD, so be it, it doesn’t matter that much imho. increasing the shared stash space is better than increasing the characters personal stash i think. but i just don’t understand the current limitation, it’s just seem too low. ok, maybe not now, but when the legendaries will start to drop…

No it’s what turns YOU off. Please don’t try to make your post sound more important than other peoples posts as if you are speaking for anyone other than yourself. You are giving your view, not that of all players, you sure as hell have never asked me as a player what my view is, or asked if you represent my view. :furious:

I do agree that personally I find too much storage a total pain as I spend more time faffing about looking through it, keeping things I never end up using.

This is one reason that around 80% of my chars play as pure self found.

The only bit of storage I would love to see either expanded, or changed to allow stacking of items is simply the components, due to the fact that I feel these need more to be kept, for the crafting side of things.

Still Zantai has explained why this hasn’t happened, so I appreciate this.

Keep up the good work Crate and much appreciate the clear and reasoned replies. :smiley:

Really? I’d have thought those people are in the minority, by a long way. If it were the case TQVault and the like wouldn’t be so popular and a “mandatory” addition to the game.

tongue half in cheek So because you and a few others are full of self loathing at your inability to stop your hoarding instincts you take that option away from those of us that get a real kick out of it and really enjoy looking at and sorting our stuff?!:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, how would having infinite stash available to those of us who want that option, say via an iron bits sink, make any difference to those who wont use it or dont like keeping a lot of stuff? To use an oft quoted cliche, Just dont use it then! :smiley:

I’d prefer not to have to resort to downloading a “hack” or mod to add a feature that could (and dare I say should) be a feature in the game. :undecided: