Grim Misadventure #56: What's New in B22

Another Grim Misadventure is upon us! Today, we would like to preview some of the quality of life features coming your way with our next update.

Build 22 is very much a fulfillment on many highly requested and beneficial features. The devs are listening!

Here are the features you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

Instanced Loot
A major update for Multiplayer fans out there, starting with B22, you will be able to enable Instanced Loot when you host a game session. Instanced Loot will treat all item drops as if you were playing in a solo session, which means less time spent figuring out what belongs to who and no more stress over players taking your hard-earned loot.

In the case that you decide to drop an item assigned to you on the ground, it becomes available to all players to pick up, which should make exchanging items with friends quick and painless.

This system does require some considerations with our What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) system though. In order to avoid weird situations where a monster might drop four exact copies of a unique item, items equipped by monsters will instead be randomly assigned to one of the players present. This preserves the proper rarity of equipment while still maintaining the ease of use provided by Instanced Loot.

For those that are not fans of Instanced Loot, don’t worry. This feature is completely optional and up to the game host on whether it is enabled.

Auto-Combine Components
Odds are good that you have all come upon a Component or two in your travels through Cairn. In fact, some of you have collected quite a few. Some would say a whole lot of them. We understand the frustration in manually combining all those Components yourself, so we have introduced a new button to the inventory UI which will automatically combine all of the Partial Components in the respective inventory bag.

Index fingers rejoice!

Expanded Storage
Additional storage has been a highly requested feature here at the forums. With B22, you will be able to purchase additional tabs in the Transfer Stash for your characters. Purchasing one of these extra tabs will unlock it for all of your characters.

In addition, the personal Item Stash now comes fully unlocked for all characters. You no longer have to purchase access to it a fraction at a time.

DPS Comparisons
In B22, you will be able to compare a weapon’s effective DPS to your currently equipped weapon directly through the tooltip. You can also hold Ctrl to have it compare the two items without the attached components.

It even accounts for set bonuses!

Bug Fixes!
Did you know that the guards in Devil’s Crossing occasionally lose their weapons? Neither did we, that is until someone noticed one of our valiant defenders firing an invisible rifle. Mind over matter I suppose.

On the order of more serious bug fixes, we pinpointed the cause of some crafting recipes generating items with no affixes, an unintended result. This fix is not retroactive however.

We have also received reports of Sphere of Protection and other shield spells creating excessively bright visuals when cast together. This has been significantly improved.

The bottom line is: keep on reporting issues as you see them. You are helping make the game the best it can be!

All this and more is coming with Build 22. We expect the release to come your way by early November. Grim Misadventures will return with more on the game’s development on 10/27/2014.

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Awesome, can’t wait to try it out.

Awesome. Can’t wait to test all these features!

Yeah great stuff indeed.

Auto-sort and auto-combine on the stash. YESSS!

Now, just add iron transfer to the transfer tab and it would be perfect :slight_smile:

Very nice, thank you.

Looking good, is 4 the max number of tabs looking at the pic and the 4 tabs at the side, or will there be more available ?

Cheers for the updates and news :smiley:

Nice, happy to see the more room!! :D:D

now i can continue my hording addiction :stuck_out_tongue:

Gracias por la ampliación de las bolsas, al fin desaparecera los personajes mulas, sobre todo para componentes.

Deseando que salga, gracias.

Thanks for expanding the bags, the mules characters finally disappear, especially for components.

Wishing you leave, thank you.

Great QoL improvements. Just one question: Are the additional stash tabs of limited quantity or can you buy as many as you please?

The number of tabs to offer has been a question of some debate. Ultimately we settled on 4, as you can see in the image.

That are some very good news! :smiley:

Yeah, it only took Blizzard 2+ years to add that feature. Good job Crate!

Will the loot mode be indicated when people join the game? Just so people don’t assume it’s instanced and start picking up everything.

Like maybe show is like…

Veteran (Instanced Loot)

I’m sure there will be something on the game select screen for people joining, but having it in game never hurts.

So between Infinite and 1…you decided on 4?:rolleyes: Seems a really really small number.:cry:

Does the transfer stash get 4 as well?

The stack components button should be on the other side of the stash so people like me cant accidentally click it.

What I hoped to see is a bunch of tabs like PoE, ideally one could name each tab. Another idea I had was that each tab could be assigned an icon (and colour, green, blue, purple?) for the different equipment we want to put in it, like a glove icon for gloves, a crossbow for crossbows, etc. We could buy as many tabs as we wished, or had iron for of course! Any chance of this coming some time??

Playing and watching this game come together is a joy.

Really good stuff, thank for all your efforts :slight_smile: Instanced loot is just amazing!

One request i had for a long time and still have in mind : please increase the number of players allowed in game, 4 is really too small i think. If you are wondering about performances issues just put a “Use at your own risk” tag for over 4 players but let it as an option please. With mods it will be even better to get more players to play with all the various things coming.

Maybe they will increase it later. I suspect a lot of people will continue to use the transfer file copy method for their loot maintenance.

If I had to guess, no.

I can’t imagine it would matter if anyone accidentally clicked the combine components button. I mean, who wouldn’t want to auto combine components instead of wasting space with stacks of partially completed components?

The tabs are added to Shared Storage, aka the Transfer Stash.

Updated the text since apparently this was unclear.

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