Grim Misadventure #56: What's New in B22

The work involved with these features was done by programmers, not designers who are busy working on Act 3.

Nice… I need the extra storage very much!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I thought they were on the character stash tab.

So, does this mean there are 4 transfer.gst files or is everything in 1?

Having everything in 4 tabs would make the copying transfer.gst method of inventory management a little better.

That’s nice! :slight_smile:

And what about the cost of the expansions? :wink:


That is a very important question!

Wohoo - This is freaking great news! I like it, keep up the good work! Jumping in for some seriuos coop with my fellas. :cool:

Then my question is …Does the personal stash get 4 as well?:wink:

I just said I dont want to auto combine components.:slight_smile: I’m sure there’s others like me.

Then simply don’t press the button :wink:

Cheers for the reply. It’s better than 1, but I can see a lot of the horders filling these 4 within a very short time, especially as we get further in the game and more higher level components and equipment become available.

Still going to need a TQ Vault type program as well.

Any chance there might be a bag just for components in the future. There has been various suggestion on how to stack completed components and still access them with all the different completion bonuses.

How is that a quality of life improvement?:confused: For me where it is placed isnt a quality of life improvement.

there’s QoL, then there’s nitpicking.

More space oow yeah.

this is all such a short answer?

The source code is available AFAIK, we need a programmer.

Then use “one bag” for this. :wink:

will at least increase pesona with the advent of build 22???

We opted for more storage space in general, which is universally useful, rather than creating something specific to Components (and arguably far more complicated).

At this stage in the game you already have access to all but a handful of Components. With perhaps the rare exception of adding a Component or two that is boss-specific (ex. Kilrian’s Shattered Soul), there are no plans for any more Components.

Fair point and I didn’t realise about the components. Cheers again for answering :smiley:

Which I already do, it’s just not possible to stack completed components.

It is kinda sad to hear you can get all components half way through Act 2 in Normal difficulty and that there wont be components only available in higher difficulties…if there was it gives one more incentive to play higher difficulties. Well that’s how I feel.

Does this mean that items that are not equipped by monsters do get multiplied for each player? What happens when a hero gets killed in a 4 player game:

  1. One loot piñata appears and the loot is divided between players. (= same amount of loot as non instanced loot)
  2. One loot piñata appears, which drops the same items duplicated 4 times.
  3. 4 instanced loot piñata’s appear, one for each player.

You guys rock! Keep up the great work.

we have a programmer, we need to know the file format :wink:

It got compressed some builds ago (I assume also password protected…) ever since, there has not been any progress on ‘GDVault’

Just thinking about this (p.s. have thought about trying myself, but my programming is very out of date, 20-30 years out of date ;)) but while the char saves are unreadable, the stash and shared stash is still readable, could this not be used with a program to give a similar GDvault type usage and increased storage?