UI oversight (?) - skill points.


Is it an oversight or maybe I’m blind?

It’s possible to see number of attribute points invested in physique/cunning/spirit.
Why we can’t do the same with skills?

Maybe I’m missing something, but afaik atm only way to see it is stripe char out of all gear.

For example, I’ve spent 10 pts in XYZ skill. Game shows 14, but 4 is granted from gear, still- I can’t see info about it :eek:


I honestly don’t know if it’s in the game already.

You are asking that when you scroll over the skill, it tells you where the extra points are coming from?

Can always just recheck your gear, in case.

Just a quick heads up first, Crate really don’t approve of “bumping” threads :wink:

Regards the extra points, you can see from your skill sheet whether it’s a + to all skills, or a + to a single skill and the idea that

is a lot of work, when all you have to do is mouse over the few bits of equipped gear on your char paperdoll and look for a + XYZ Skill.

Why on earth do you need to strip all your gear ? when a few seconds of mousing over will give you the same answer :undecided:

I’m not seeing how would mousing over each item and keeping track of all your skill additions would be preferable to just stripping to see your entire baseline at once on the skills window.

It would be nice to simply have a points invested counter shown on skill mouse-over.