UI SCALING ISSUES: Windows not downsizing or scrolling when UI scale set to 1.4 in v0.9.1a

I am visually impaired and use UI upscaling in both Grim Dawn and Farthest Frontier - Thank you for that! I have been a software developer since the 8088 so if I may be of any help please in tracking down “unintended features” do please let me know. Loving the game so far! {I did look for a thread addressing scaling issues and did not see one…}

Game resolution: 1920x1080, fullscreen + windowed fullscreen.

  1. I noticed that the UI pop up windows, i.e. “Tutorial: Bury the dead” for instance does not down scale when UI is increased. It makes it difficult to close the window as only a sliver of the close button is visible. [ Edit: I just made screenshot of desirability popup showing the issue but do not know how to upload it. ] [ Edit2: The window content scrolls, but the window itself is oversized and overflows the top and bottom of my display. I suggest set the window (popup Y-top = city view display Y-top + 10, popup Y-bottom = city view display Y-bottom - 10) when city view display Y-bottom - city view display y-top < (popup Y-size + 20). This should work for any scaling. ]

  2. When in the crop field window the lower reporting elements are occasionally off the screen and the window does not scroll.

I will keep an eye out for other scaling issues and report them on this thread.