Ultimate Guide To Crucible Speedrunning - CoD 3b/VB Edition

with the new patch. What curcible map is the best?

Crucible of Dead is usually the fastest and most convenient for speed farming. I haven’t heard anything, that changes the situation.

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only ask. cause after the patch you can choose your start map :))

Yeah, that saves me lot of time trying to hit CoD. But Deeps is also decent. I don’t have much experience with others.

Legion is best for beginners if you don’t care for speed followed by Deeps. Sands has a good range of tricks you can use but it’s weird. Death is most popular among the elite because 1) it’s fast, 2) still has some tricks and 3) people basically learned to play it by heart (like I would have no idea how to play Deeps right now). Actually, Void offers potentially faster runs, and I’ve seen some people use it to showcase, but it’s just dark and you can’t see anything.

Also, I’d like to point out that in the last patch many strategies in this guide were rendered obsolete for all but the most op builds. You should focus on isolating, blocking off and positioning instead of hoarding. Zantai evidently does not want the game to be played like I described here.


Ui. What changed? Crucible got harder? Or what?

Yes. As a sum of individual buffs to certain enemies (especially Fabius and other vanilla nemeses) as well as a few nerfs to many builds across the spectrum (Bloodied Crystal nerf, oathkeeper and nightblade mastery nerfs, etc.) and many individual builds previously holding records (Venomblade, Deathmarked, Ulzuin, Pyran) crucible got harder. With some exceptions of course as - ironically - sorcerers started to beat all time records this patch.

So for many builds the strategy of greedily hoarding enemies into one spot to maximize your AoE - as described here - need to make way for more conservative strategies of isolating enemies and dealing with the biggest threats first.

Btw on 154 you need to switch Larria and Janaxxia. Larria is in bottom left and Jana is in top left.

I often confused them myself :sweat:

Just stumbled across this gem. Looking forward to learning about speedruns from the best. Great guide!

Well thx! Sadly, most of this stuff is out of date. Look 3 posts above for explanation.

Besides, I watched some vids of Shoot who is one of the best, and he plays things a bit differently (I based my guide on Venomblade and Shoot is best with demo based casters - the fastest builds ever). He leaves the banner a lot. And throws BwC, Canister or Stormfire into spawn zones whenever he can.

Was just wondering if I was going to have to figure out and type up a spawn guide as I dive into the land of crucible running, but here it is already!

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