Ultimate Hardcore Dagallon's Destruction Purifier- The Flame Maiden

Build Intro:

A concept that was realized years ago, but never documented within this compendium. The coming of V1.1.9.6 has brought forth changes and rebalances to the Dagallon’s set which looked solid. While the split damage nature of the set might sound like a dealbreaker for many, it can still pretty much be built as a Fire Strike range type, thanks to significant bonus to fire damage and damage conversion.

Image source: Spellslinger - Official WildStar Wiki

Pros & Cons


  1. Excellent Crowd Clear
  2. Consistently high Single Target Damage
  3. High Mobility
  4. Good health sustainability vs common mobs (Thanks to lifesteal)
  5. Reliable build for fast monster totem / Normal difficulty Shattered realms farming
  6. Relatively straightforward playstyle
  7. Rewards masterful kiting and tactical piloting


  1. Comparatively bad in enclosed spaces (Particularly vs campaign Sentinal and Ramzul. Personally, I skip those two fights.)
  2. MUST avoid big, powerful hits at all costs (Eg- vs Ancient Shambler and Voldrak)
  3. No reliable healing skills (Either use a healing tonic or depend on lifesteal)
  4. No powerful circuit breakers (Live and die by your piloting, and make sure that your healing tonic is hotkeyed)
  5. Inquisitor Seal and Thermite Mines usage require correct positioning to be utilized well
  6. Recommended for skilled players who are mindful of area dangers and monster/boss attack patterns
  7. Suffers from energy issues should player decide to swap out Ectoplasm / Mark of Illusions components


From levels 1 - 94, I followed the skill points allocation as outlined here (And to clarify, I did indeed play on hardcore): DW Firestrike Purifier: A build diary from Normal to 170 Glad

For items while leveling, please take the time to go through the link above (and related links as well), since that is more elaborate than what I can advise.

However, I was somewhat lucky since I had two Empowered Oathbreaker stashed away, which I used to level myself from level 65 onwards to Level 94.

Just remember to respec your skill points and devotions at level 94 if needed and follow the rest of this guide.

  1. Green Crossroad
  2. Spider
  3. Red Crossroad
  4. Mantis
  5. Hydra
  6. Solael’s Witchblade (Bind Eldritch Fire to Fire Strike)
  7. Blue Crossroad
  8. Sailor’s Guide
  9. Refund Blue Crossroad at Spirit Guide
  10. Behemoth (Bind Giant’s Blood to Flame Touched)
  11. Ghoul (4 Nodes only, Bind Ghoulish Hunger to Vindictive Flame)
  12. Revenant (4 Nodes only just for ADCTH)
  13. Fiend (4 Nodes only for +Fire and Chaos Damage)
  14. Magi (Bind Fissure to Thermite Mine)
  15. Refund Green Crossroad at Spirit Guide
  16. Ulzuin’s Flame (5 Nodes only towards the right path)


Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator : Final Build
Attribute points- Physique /63 Cunning /44 Spirit /0


Do note that I’m not a big fan of ‘Word of Renewal’ and only spam it to keep up ‘vigor’ + ‘Steel Resolve’. As a skill for sustaining health, the long cooldown has never made it viable for me to clutch heal ever (at least with this build). But if you are a fan of it, then feel free to reallocate some skill points from ‘arcane empowerment’.

Likewise, you may reallocate/refund points as you please from the inquisitor seal skill line. My justification is that this build does offense better than it does defense, hence the choice to make the seal empower my damage output further sounded like the better decision on my part.

To a more minor degree, ‘vigor’ + ‘Steel Resolve’ skill points can be redistributed as pleased, provided that resists remain capped as a bare minimum and if you are comfortable with a lower health pool (12,000 hp is my personal minimum for ranged builds, but extra padding is always welcome for glass canons)

The other skills are pretty much set in stone at this point, since I aimed to squeeze out as much damage as humanely possible

-Gear Breakdown-

Head: Dagallon’s Faceguard

Amulet: Shard of the Eternal Flame for +2 to Flame Touched, +1 to Demolitionist Skill, Physical to Fire conversion ALTERNATIVELY- Mythical Heart of Ulzuin for + health Regen, Extra Resistances and additional benefits to ‘Blast Shield’

Ring 1: Mythical Band of the Eternal Pyre for the Lightning to Fire conversion

Ring 2: Mythical Band of the Eternal Pyre for the Lightning to Fire conversion

Weapon 1: Dagallon’s Destroyer

Weapon 2: Dagallon’s Annihilator

Chest: Dagallon’s Armor

Shoulder: Embercore Shoulderguard Lightning to Fire conversion,

Pants: Mythical Hellforged Legplates for +3 Bursting Rounds, +Physical Resistance

Gloves: Mythical Gauntlets of Ignaffar Pierce to Fire conversion

Boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards +2 Aura of Censure, Damage Absorption vs Elemental / Bleed damage

Belt: Cinderplate Girdle Pierce to Fire conversion, +2 Fire Strike

Medal: Mythical Korvaak’s Brand Mostly for the +ADCTH to Fire Strike

Relic: Korvaak’s Deception +1 to Demolitionist Skills & Blazing Eruption for enhanced crowd control

Final Words:
I was still in the process of the Hardcore playthrough for this character when GD was patch to V1.1.9.6. Overall, the biggest change is that the ‘pass through enemies’ for the guns have been rebalanced to affect Bursting Rounds and Storm Spread only, but in exchange the base damage bonus to fire strike upon set completion bonus was raised higher. I don’t have any exact numbers and data, but mob clearing speed increased slightly while single target takedown took only a tiny bit longer post patch.

On the whole, the changes felt welcome since it further aided in crowd clearing, which was what this build did best from the start. Out of all my characters, this build felt like the 2nd most fun to play with (My Spellbreaker remain dethroned in terms of fun factor) so I’d recommend it since the Dagallon’s set feels like it is in a solid place right now…though this might apply only for experienced players, as the build was just about as fragile as my spellbreaker.


WildStar was a fun game, always enjoyed Sci Fi themes

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What do you think about this version? Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
It’s more focused on both fire and lightning and has more resist reduction (why do you even put a point into hellfire mine? you barely do any chaos damage). It should deal a bit more damage and Inquisitor Seal shores up the lack of phys res. while also making it possible to take more offensive devotions with Seekers and Currents.

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That certainly does look good as well, especially with a seal of annihilation. It’s just that I prefer an ancestry seal since I think those are some solid defenses for any character.

Also, Hellfire Mine is pretty much for +Fire Damage, since I opted to use inquisitor seal as pure offense- I don’t use it as a defensive tool because of my movement rune (Displacement) which I use both defensively and offensively. My playstyle is focused more on kiting and avoiding big damage manually, since the life steal is in itself enough to tank smaller amount of damage well. In other words, the excess points for Inquisitor seal is dumped into Hellfire Mines for my case. But for you, I can agree with the choice to boost seals simply because you have an offensive movement rune.

Yours is certainly is a good constellation setup though which looks more balanced if you are sick of going for Ulzuin’s Torch.

You know, I was looking for a build like this recently, I should have clicked on some more grimtools links, this looks like a setup I would be very interested in.

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Does 1.2 change anything substantial?