Ultimate Hardcore Purifier Hybrid - The Grim Witcher (Cosplay Build)

Build Intro:

Just a fun tribute which was inspired by my love for Witcher 3. Note that neither mix-maxing, nor optimization were my goals here ; Rather the real intent was to adapt an existing character into the Grim Dawn universe. While it was not a true one for one conversion, I’ve brought over as much of the original character flavoring as I could, to envision what a functional Witcher would be like within the universe of Cairn. I urge anyone who views this to cuztomize their character further, since the words contained within this article should be viewed as suggestions and not to be treated as sacred commandments.

Image Source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZGx0m0


From levels 1 - 94, I followed the skill points allocation as outlined here (And to clarify, I did indeed play on hardcore): DW Firestrike Purifier: A build diary from Normal to 170 Glad

For items while leveling, please take the time to go through the link above (and related links as well), since that is more elaborate than what I can advise.

However, I was somewhat lucky since I had two Empowered Oathbreaker stashed away, which I used to level myself from level 65 onwards to Level 94.

Just remember to respec your skill points and devotions at level 94 if needed and follow the rest of this guide.



Final Build: Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Attribute points- Physique /79 Cunning /0 Spirit /28

For those unfamiliar with how Witchers fight, they do it through a combination of swordplay (Fire Strike), Magic (Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewal) and alchemy (Grenado / Thermite Mines / Potions), hence why I have chosen to invest in the mentioned skills. However, for balancing purposes, I’ve opted to use an off-hand for increased damage. Traditionally, Witchers do not dual wield and tend to have their off-hand free, so you can just leave the off-hand slot free if you desire a purer roleplay experience. Just take note however, that this is a glass canon build that is as frail as a Shadow Strike Spellbreaker, so you’ll be making it A LOT harder on yourself by ignoring the off-hand slot. The character has adequate defenses for reliable mob clearing and to take a few big hits. This weakness is also lore accurate since Witchers are only about 35% stronger than a regular human at the peak of their abilities, but this boon is mostly negated by the fact that Witchers have an extremely high frequency to involve themselves in perilous combat scenarios.

Attack rotation while mobbing should consist mainly of Fire Strike / Thermite Mines / Inquisitor Seals, with the occasional grenado thrown into tightly packed groups of enemies to hasten your kill time. Single-Target combat mostly relies on spamming Grenado at a safe distance or while kiting (remember to use Thermite Mines for the Resistance Reduction). Just note that Grenado has a VERY SLOW travel speed which makes it an inefficient skill to utilize from long range, so you’ll need to learn to ‘dance’ around your enemies at short - mid to get the most of of its devastating damage potential. Above-average piloting skills and good situational awareness is mandatory for this build, since if you underestimate enemy spacing or run out of room to kite, then it can easily result in death as this build has a harder time getting out of corners than most characters. Also, keep a healthy stock or health tonics and energy potions since you need them even during the endgame.


Green Crossroads
Red Crossroads
Solael’s Witchblade (Bind to Grenado)
Magi (Bind to Fire Strike)
Ulzuin’s Torch (5 nodes towards Meteor Shower, bind to Thermite Mines)
Purple Crossroads
Empty Throne
Chariot of the Dead (Bind to Flame Touched)
Refund Red and Purple Crossroads
Ghoul (4 Nodes Towards Ghoulish Hunger, Bind to Blast Shields)
Ulzuin’s Torch (1 more node)