ULTIMATE QUESTION: Who's the harder celestial boss? Callagadra or Ravager of Souls?

From a boss vs player perspective, they are both very strong. But which one is stronger? In my opinion, if both of these guys were to duke it out I believe ravager of souls would come out on top but would have been an extremely close fight.

From a Lore perspective, Ravager probably, unless Cally happens to be Azrakaa in disguise.

Ingame, Ravager would probably die to Tornadoes unless he manages to get in between Cally’s legs.

From a player’s perspective, Callagadra is cancerous while Ravager is huggable.*

*Yes, I want Ravager as a pet. I don’t like gargoyles in this game, they are not fluffy!

Even the game doesn’t know the answer. If you kill Cally, it became the strongest killed monster. If you kill Ravager of Souls later, he became the the strongest killed monster and so forth. Personally i thing Cally is the strongest since without insane luck i can’t kill her without consumables while Ravager take like 5 min of lmb + ascension with closed eyes. Also, Ravager needs the far-from-perfect human being sacrifice to even enter our world which is lame!

In make believe land anything can happen but in game Callagadra would win.

More DMG output, fumbles Ravager.

I doubt callagadra would win. The only thing she’s got going for her is her stupid tornadoes. That’s it. Her base damage is actually on par with Grava’Thul… Ravager of Souls still remains the hardest IMO. Ravager of Flesh and Ravager of Minds are not in the same ball park compared to Ravager of Souls. Hence, I would bet Ravager of Souls would come out on top by a slight margin. Callagadra’s tornadoes don’t hit as hard as Ravager of Souls also.

Absolutely agree with that, and absolutely agree about the pet thing. He’d be a good boy :smiley: Who’s a good ravager mmhh yes you are :rolleyes:

I’m getting the sense I or someone else needs to make a mod where they fight.

I fought both and I don’t think it’s even close, Cala is absolutely insane damage wise, Ravager is much much easier.

Also, who is Azraaka in lore? Some pierce godess? She doesn’t seem to have a big following judging from the %pierce damage values on gear.

Also make sure to add Crate into the mix.

I thought about making such a mod, my idea was basically taking the Mourndale area and make it a huge battlezone. Kinda like it already is but MUCH more monsters and all the big bosses too. I’d place one faction on the left and one on the right and see what happens. I used to make Doom levels like this just for fun, should be fun to watch in GD too.
Let Callagadra + Korvan Basin monsters fight against Ravager + Ugdenbog monsters, that would be epic :smiley:

I’m thinking another way would be to clone Ravager and make a way so the player could summon an Allied Ravager NPC. Basically give clone Ravager a faction that’s setup to ally the PC but be an enemy to Callagadra’s faction.

Then just summon it in Korvan sands, summon Callagadra, and stand back.

PLEASE DO THIS :D:D:D:D I want to see them fight.

Yeah that sounds like the most feasible thing to do.

Haven’t found the time to delve into modding yet but I’d certainly try that if I ever do. Maybe when (or if) I get bored with vanilla.
btw this reminds me of some guys I knew who were bored with playing FIFA so they setup 2 AI teams to compete against another and even placed bets and watched several full matches on a weekend :rolleyes:

Oh damn, lol. I would love to see this though. I think all the veteran players on here would love to bet on this Callagadra vs Ravager of Souls show down.

Don’t they fight if spawned in a custom game via console commands? I know Theodin and Loggo do.

Not sure why did you put one certain Ravager there. All Ravagers have the same strength, at least from what I’ve tested.

If you mean “harder” by who’s more difficult to kill, definitely Ravager, as he shreds DA, OA, has massive damage, massive RR. Way easier to kite is Callagadra, because she’s way slower in general than Ravager (although, she can jump, but that’s about it). Also, it’s harder to build vs. Ravager because he deals multiple damage types, while Callagadra deals mostly physical and pierce.

The only thing Callagadra does better is pissing you off by slowing your attack, casting and movement speed by 57% and you can’t avoid it by slow resist because it’s re-applied all the time.

#1 in pissing off people: Callagadra /+1 point
#1 in damage: Ravager /+1 point
#1 in speed: Ravager /+1 point
#1 in RR: Ravager /+1 point
#1 kitable: Callagadra /-1 point
#1 enjoyment: Ravager (imo) /+69 points

Slow resist reduces the potency of debuffs, not their duration. So it works perfectly fine VS Callagadra, as well as other enemies, who slow you somehow.