Ultimate Skill of Maiven's Phere of Protection


weard thing that after so many Patches Maiven’s Sphere of Protection is still some kind of broken (imo). Every other Skill is getting better, if you put more skillpoints into it after reaching the max and going to its ultimate form.

At some point spending skillpoints into MSoP made it more worse: With 15 skillpoint you get 6% Physical Damage reduction with 16 you will get only 5% Physical Damage Reduction.

Or is this intended?

Or am i dumb!! Oh man i got it Sooooorrryyyyyy lol

The physical damage reduction applies to the one that your character deals, on top of the general reduction. So by lowering the damage reduction it does make the skill better.

the fudge?? Are they trying to confuse people?

Total Damage Modified By: -8%

7% Physical Damage Reduction

Why on Earth wouldn’t they label it “Physical Damage Modified By: -7%”? Or “8% Total Damage Reduction”

Am I missing something?

Because that’s too confusing with regular +% Physical Damage.

For reference, the Physical Damage reduction here converts X% of your Physical Damage into nothing. This means it stacks against high-conversion characters, thusly potentially affecting more than mere Physical builds.

I disagree. The way it is now - is too confusing. Negative signs and Positive signs would be pretty damn clear, if they would just be consistent with the descriptions and labels.

But I think Im starting to get it. I need to think of Total Damage Modified By as its own separate mechanic and it does not work the same as the other ABC Damage Type bonuses and reductions, right? So Im never going to see “Fire Damage Modified By”, for example, right?

Thats the only way it would make sense, especially since you mentioned conversion. This is probably specifically for balancing conversion melee builds, i imagine?

Thx for the info, time to man up and enroll in my university’s Grim Dawn AP Statistical Theory class, I guess

Speaking of this skill, it would be nice if it gave some DA per rank, either on the skill itself or on its link. It is a sphere of protection after all so it would fit its theme.
Casters often have a hard time getting high DA and I’ve seen other people complain about the enemy OA buff in the latest patch.

The way it scales is quite unappealing as well.
Currently a good place to stop is rank 3, which gives you:

10% absorb
3.6 energy cost
-3% total damage, -7% physical damage

Getting the skill to rank 12 (so 9 more points) only gets the absorb to 20%, nearly triples the energy cost and lowers your damage some more.
If each rank gave a decent amount of DA (say 8-12, depending on how generous you want to be), it would be an incentive to level this skill instead of leaving it at rank 3.

Of course absorb is a very powerful stat as is, but I think that many builds won’t go much further than that rank 3 because they don’t have the points, the cost is too prohibitive or it doesn’t give enough per point.
I’d say that for this skill, the early scaling is either too good, or the later ranks’ scaling is too bad.
Plus as the OP mentioned (albeit for the wrong reason), the ultimate ranks scaling isn’t that great either.

OTOH, its link Conversion is quite powerful, as reduced stun length is highly desirable.

Its actualy give increasing returns and scales very good even at ultimate levels. There is curently no reason to not max Sphere as arcanist and i would rather see DA somwere else, mb on conversion? Or somewhere around IEE one-pointers.

How does it give increasing returns?
The first point gives 5 absorb, the second gives 3, and the third gives 2.
Every point after that (except the last) only gives 1 absorb.
Conversion is already quite good, but the sphere is often best left around rank 3 for reasons stated above, unless your HP total is below 8k or something, so you really need the extra absorb to prevent getting 1 shot.

^ The damage penalty of Maiven Sphere decreases the higher the level it is.

The more you stack the more powerfull it become. at rank 3 it give you 10% , at rank 12 20% its actualy twice as much as at rank 3.

That doesn’t mean increasing results, you need thrice the investment to get the same amount of absorb (the most important stat on the skill) comparing rank 3 to rank 12.