Ulzuins headgear plan

Been farming elite nemesis for this but no luck, can’t touch ultimate nemesis’s. Am I wasting my time on elite farming this? I dare say I have about all the head fear plans save this one bad rng I suppose.

Anyone remember where they found this plan at?

Sorry to disappoint but it is just bad rng.

I don’t think you’re wasting time farming on elite if you can efficiently clear content in elite. Sure ultimate has better drop rates but if your farming efficiency is low then forget getting anything worthwhile. And i know no one on this forums would agree with me but don’t ignore trash mobs. They have good chance to drop nice items

I agree with you. :slight_smile: Unlike D3, trash isn’t pointless in GD.

Kills all the trash mobs.

I have had some pretty good stuff drop from random mobs. Just go clear entire dungeons, you will find it eventually. I think Treasure Troves have a higher than average chance to drop blueprints though (please correct me if I am mistaken).