Unable to connect to multiplayer servers

My husband and I are trying to play multiplayer, I’m on Steam and he owns the game on GoG. We both have the same expansions and same version of the game. I’m on a Windows 11 machine, he’s on 10.

If we try a LAN game, we cannot see each other at all, despite being on the same network. If we try to join an internet game we can see the server but, when we try to log in, it loads for several minutes then says it cannot connect to server.

Firewalls have been disabled. Any other thoughts? We’re on the same wireless network, in the same room.

Why don’t you two use the same Steam? Because only the same genuine Steam can use the Internet. Other GD versions also require the same version on both sides to use the LAN.

GD has long since had crossplay between Steam and GoG, you don’t both need to be on Steam

the issue can however be with the way GD goes through it, which is ex why there is a mention of it not liking layered? networks like if you’re on a college campus under multiple routers and switches

did you try check the portforwarding
or if UPnP is on/off?
*there is a network test in game options, which might shed light to some issues, like if it claims your IP is “mismatching”