Unable To Play With Non-Expansion Players Feedback

it’s not exactly uncommon either though. I keep no statistics on this and do not really care about MP, but assume that in the majority of games with expansions and MP, you actually need everyone to have the expansion. As far as I can tell games that do not require this usually make a fuzz about it, and are relatively rare.

See above wrt ‘most’, as to having been removed, this was not removed, it never existed

I understand the issues of expansions and content being moved, and I completely understand why they did this (as do many other developers), that isn’t the issue. The issue is when base game characters load into the game world when the DLC is installed, regardless if they use anything dlc based or not, that character is no longer able to be used in the vanilla version even with the DLC disabled.

The feature actually did exist and was how this issue was originally recommended to be fixed early on in the posts (2017) by a crate employee and then again by others. It was noted the game backs up your save automatically when the character loads into the dlc. This auto save feature does not exist anymore and people mentioned that in the 2018 posts. I then confirmed that I do not have a double save of the character anywhere.

then I misunderstood what feature you were referring to. In that case the answer is that the feature was not removed, it still exists. If you have issues with it, blame Steam cloud save, it works fine for me with local saves (just tried).

No worries! I checked a few other threads and the steam saves shouldn’t have made an impact on it and even so there should be a backup via steam and there isn’t (I checked the actual backup location and only the main character save file exists). several others mentioned the same thing here and it appears there is some debate about the steam saves work in general. So I’m not sure exactly why, but if it is still working for you then there must be another issue in how the saves work and break down. I did try disabling the cloud save and doing it and it still didn’t work on my end.

With cloudsaving enabled go to the Network tab. Press the ‘Download Cloud Saves’ button. If a backup exists in the cloud it will download to the local saving location in \Documents\My Games.

Keep in mind that the Steam cloud saving location that you frequently see the path mentioned for isn’t the actual cloud. That’s just the location Steam uses locally before bunting it up into the cloud.

And I can confirm…

I just tried (local saves of course) disabling the expacs, creating a Vanilla character, reenable the expacs and entering the world with the character, and then checking my local save folder produced a duplicate folder (double underscores in the name) just fine.


Also How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.

And the default save location for Steam is

\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata########\219990\remote\save

Is that where you checked for your saves? There should be a folder called main in there that has all your characters.

Make new character checkboxes for "base / base+AoM / base+AoM+FG. Then make the option available for that character to move onto the rest of the game at a later date if the player so chooses. For example, have a warning pop up for The Emissary’s portal when you click on it that basically says something like "WARNING: This portal leads to Forgotten Gods. Once you travel this character will no longer be restricted to base content (or base content + AoM).

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You can’t do that. The sole presence of the Emissary in your game means that your character has already become an expansion character.

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I really doubt that you have any idea of the effort involved, at all

Try modding the game for a while, extensively, then let me know what you think… before that this is just a perfect example of Dunning Kruger at work

I said “for example” for a reason. I never said it was a good one or foolproof.

Oh you’re right, I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong either. I could say “I really doubt it’s hard to fly a helicopter” too, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. I’m open to understanding how it’s not as easy as the few “trigger” words in my post made it out to be that you grasped onto so easily and felt the Dunning Kruger effect somehow applied, when it doesn’t.

Watch, I’ll edit the post and you’ll suddenly feel less attacked.

it certainly doesn’t make you right, and it does make you a lot more likely to be wrong…

show me how it doesn’t apply. You know nothing about how GD works, you probably do not know how to code, yet you feel qualified to talk about how much effort it would be. That is Dunning Kruger.

Also, you missed about 90% of the work because you have no idea what you are talking about. Just off the top of my head:

What about expansion masteries, can he play them ?
What about higher max level for the char ?
What about new devotions ?
What about expansion items, can they drop for him ? How do you prevent that (here’s a hint, currently not by any kind of switch)
What about item stats that differ between versions (vaniila to AoM, not to ?
If one player who has the expansion opens a portal into the expansion, can he use it ?

And remember, the solution is not a simple yes / no. If you need to prevent something, then you have to think about a mechanism to do so. None of which exist today.

I did not feel attacked, I felt you were clueless, still do


How does it not apply? Does the DK Effect apply to every situation when someone makes a blanket statement like I did? It certainly does not.

Let’s look at the definition: “The Dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people wrongly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area.”

What “knowledge” or “ability” have I expressed in one short post that gave you that conclusion? I don’t recall expressing any. How can it apply when I haven’t even expressed a basic knowledge of how GD works or how to code? Like I said before, trigger words. You decided that from a couple choice words that completely changed the way you read the post. What does apply? Ignorance. I’m clearly ignorant to have said things like “really doubt it’s that complicated” and “then simply” and if I’m aware of that ignorance, then DK effect will almost never apply.

If not attacked, then clearly annoyed or agitated. You don’t need tone or inflection to come to that conclusion from reading your post.

Anyways, this is getting off topic and really doesn’t need to be discussed any further. I edited my post so nobody else gets the wrong impression from reading it. If you feel inclined to continue this, feel free to PM me.

you showed no knowledge or ability, you did show a complete lack thereof. Since this did not stop you from considering yourself qualified to estimate the effort, I considered that a complete overestimation of your abilities.

You can also be simply ignorant and arrogant, if you prefer that. But then that is precisely what is behind the DK effect.

Ah yes, the measure of e-peen and back and forth arguments that has become the staple of GD’s community. Shame there are no pets involved.

mamba’s right. Your post only highlights your ignorance on the matter and the reasons why expacs aren’t (and won’t be) rolled into the base game, just hiding away there… free for modders to come along and get all that juicy content. Free of charge.

I mean, if Piracy was the issue here… GD is available on GoG, all that juicy content that doesn’t even require modding to get into. And it is not like the steam version uses some uncracked version of Denuvo or something.

You can say that til you’re blue in the face if you like - doesn’t mean they are anymore likely to up and bake the expacs into the basegame for EVEN easier access. Just because piracy happens and just because they have a drm-free version on GOG (gog users still have to buy the expacs separately, doesn’t come baked into the game - just like Steam) doesn’t make the answer for why they do it this way any different.

I doubt it is easier to mod than google…

Or let me assure you there would be like 100 different pet mods from yours truly.

And Zantai himself said that piracy wasn’t the reason. So…

He also said, right after it…

Which essentially comes right back around to that issue. It still touches upon it regardless of whether he said that. Zantai’s a swell chap… but in this instance it was a bit of a contradiction, those words.