Unannounced diablo project


“We’re working on a new, unannounced Diablo project”


D4 in 10-15 years’ time. :wink:

I lost my faith in blizzard i doubt they can come out with a decent arpg. They had their golden age years ago but now they are gone.

Personally I hope it’ll be Diablo MMO so that they could bury WoW at last and start working on WC4 I’ve been waiting for years.

Diablo 3 could have been good.
I think I’m the only one that liked the auction house concept, but it had some big flaws.
After that they spread the player base creating thousands of different difficulties, killed the game for me.

D3 is kinda fun, mostlt the action, skill effects , combat , graphics so on

for me the story was the thing that fail the most…

oh i forgot…no mod support

I got a long story with d3 and i played it for a while. For a long time after it came out the game suffered by macroscopic errors design wise. Legendary items where just trash and literally nobody used them, yellow was the way to go. Inferno difficulty was just stupid and melee classes where just zero dmg tanks (so fun) while dh made all the dps while being supersquishy. Patch after patch it slowly improved finally legendaries became good ( some of them) and ah was shut down. Then ros and seasons , not a bad idea at start but it get old soon, the thing that annoyed me most was the meta that literally cut out some whole classes and even those playable classes were monoset and monobuild (yeah grift farming).

This wasn’t supposed to become a thread for reflections on D3, but as you wish :rolleyes:

Yeah sry , i went full emotional. Never go full emotional.

Emotions are good. Can you imagine what the live streams would be like without Grava getting emotional. It’s his reactions to various situations (dying mostly) that make it so fun to watch. :smiley:

That’s a bit much :rolleyes:
I mean a lot of HC arpg fan went away from it but it’s just one game.
I mean, they can’t make the same errors in 2 games in a row :eek:
Again, D3 is not a disastor but it’s not the best arpg… the funny part is they had good ideas the first time they showed the game.

Give it another 20 years, and Crate will be the same. All the original team members will have been replaced. No soul left. Creating games for the casual masses. Money rules. Play as we tell you.

Blizzard is dead to me.

Another Diablo project? Couldn´t care less.

They’ve actually been advertising roles for ‘an unannounced Diablo game’ for a year or two now. Wierd that this one suddenly got wide attention.

No interest unless they can demonstrate they do game design with depth.

You. I like you

Yeah. Earlier everyone speculated it’d be a Diablo II remake/remaster something along the lines of was Starcraft got but as time went by people realized that won’t happen anytime soon.

I wouldn’t touch such a thing, all it would do is ruin the great memories I have playing D1&2 as a kid.

And given current Blizzard production standards, they’d probably fuck it up :stuck_out_tongue:

same, won’t buy anything from them ever again. Not because I am upset with them, simply because the games they are interested in making these days, I have zero interest in playing.

Grifts and ladder killed D3 because I knew it was the start of the game going Auto-Pilot, Being one of the few players that mained a barb back in the early day’s ACT1 inferno was easy once you had any build with 600-900 All resist.

The problem was then you hit act 2 and BEES. Even with perfect stormshield and the sting of ears ( I had 78% block chance lol ) you would get rekted instantly, I could kill stuff easy but also die crazy easy.

I played sword and board and still do ( Not just because it became barb meta at that time but I have always favored the style ) I did enjoy a lot of times farming act 1 solo, It became my end game and I made the most of it because I waited years for the game and expected a lot of future content.

I geared to the point where I knew I could crush it but still have tons of magic find, I think I had around 340%. I had fun times selling yellow crafted swords, mats, set rings and echoing fury’s on the AH for 10$ and 20$ a pop.

I still enjoy it, for the most part, I think nerco was trash but hopes of the druid coming to keep me logged in and updated, I mean I have level 125+ gems mostly from soloing.

Inb4 Diablo MMO (barf).

Taking that with a grain of salt.

“Blizzard” in itself never had a golden age for hns.
Diablo 1 & 2 were the works of a studio that Blizzard bought and renamed as “Blizzard North”. Now, that studio is closed and everyone left elsewhere.
The only experience of Blizzard in developping an hns is “Diablo” 3…

Oh, they have plenty experience in cannibalizing their own products. New and/or unique ideas? Yeah no, not such much. But hey, the money is good.

Same. I have spend thousands of hours playing Blizzard games, and I had tons of fun. Fond memories and all that (gosh I am old(ish)).
But that is in the past. And I like my games more solid now. WoW and D3 change all the time, if you are lucky, you like the changes. I mostly didn´t. :wink: