Undecided between Leviathan/Ulzuin's Torch

Hi guys, I’m playing my first char as a melee dual wielding Nightblade/Demolitionist (currently level 41), I’m planning something along 50/32 on masteries, focusing on Blade Spirit and execution on nightblade skilltree and taking fire strike, BWC/flashbang, blast shield and vindictive flame for defensive measures. The plan is to go ham with right clicks while blade spirits going around proccing devotion.

I’m undecided however between leviathan and ulzuin’s torch. From what I’ve read so far whirlpool is superior to meteor shower both in damage and the instantaneous cast, but the devotion required (purple/green) is inferior to that required of ulzuins (red/green).

Also damage-wise, nightblade masteries benefits from those of purple nodes (cold/pierce damage) while demolitionist takes advantage from fire damage provided by red nodes.

What’s your take on this? Is this plan viable on ultimate?

I like going Fissure for the fire damage and Leviathan for cold, giving you both elements without taking up too many points when going fire/cold. However, with a non-soldier melee build, you might want to go for something more defensive like Light of Empyrion due to the squishy nature of the Saboteur.

If you only play main campain, ulzuin torch is far superior, the bonus dmg bonus crit and skill proc OP. I have to disagree, saboteur has high dmg output, blast shield and life steal from gears/devo make him nearly unkillable in main campain.

I can’t say for sure but I am predicting just two things determine your long term viability. Can you stack enough simultaneous modifiers for your skills and damage types to put out adequate DPS and destroy mobs reasonably quickly, and, can you take or avoid the damage long enough to do it. I think in most cases the answer is yes as long as you focus on no more than 2 or 3 damage types, but some combinations will be more rare gear dependent or lack bonuses to your specific skill combination.

The devotion, pick the one that is best for the state of your character, you can always change it later. Are you leaning heavy toward fire modifiers? Then pick the devotion that benefits the most from that. Trouble with resistances? Pray it away. Are you strong enough from gear and skills, pick the one with the most lolz.

Actually you can pick both, torch and leviathan together

How does this comparison change in the crucible? Also I read it somewhere about meteor shower being really bad when used indoors or hallways because of the tendency to hit nothing but walls, is this still true in the current build?

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing, I’m just being careful not to gimp my char too much in the long run.

Really? Can I see your build? Won’t spreading the nodes between red/purple ended up spreading the damage too thin instead?