Underrail -10 characters

I decided to give it another try after the expansion release. The game run more or less okay now, compared to original release bug-hell, still crash sometimes and the combat on meat-heavy zones is laggy to the point of waiting few minutes before every burrower make his turn.
The game is a old-scool dungeon crawler with pre-set enemies, lots of location and some RPG element on character development. It even has a build-simulator :stuck_out_tongue: http://underrail.info.tm/build/ Combat is kinda boring, but quests are mostly good. I wish the game was shorter, as setting anti-crawlers traps in 3 caves in a row feel just horribly tedious. And as the game progress the quality of locations degrade ( . And the amount of mindless running can kill you as merchants were placed far away from fast travel spots. There is no autotravel and critters respawn , so you have to kill all these crawlers with traps again if you take the route back. Also, you gain nothing from these encounters if you play on “Odity” XP system.
The game look horrible with tons and tons of nearly identical dark caves/corridors. UI is clunky and small, after “playing” 100 hours i still don’t have a single clue how to distinguish a pistol from a sniper rifle and what the difference betwen acid/poison/blood and other identicaly looking chemicals. I don`t even know what half of crafting materials do. No auto-loot , like in Jagged Alliance or Pathfinder, so you have to pick up crap from every corpse manualy and check every barrel for oddity. Also, merchants have a limited buying potential, usualy your favorite weapon dealler will accept only 4-5 firearms and unless you need something from him there is a high chance that he won’t have the money to afford them. And past lvl 15 you’re alredy maxed on equipment and only need ammo/grenades/traps so loot system feel MEH at best. MEEEH. Probably even MEEEEEEHHH.

Mostly finished main quest line, only last non-return area left and decided to explore the unknow wathers of expansion. SAVAGE©™ HARDCORE©. When one of NPC asked what i’m gona do with local tribes i said that i’m Invictus Brutalette. He laugh. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/764983579447417641/403E7B5F224CFB5DD373D0418EDCBBFD211AA7F8/
Nope, i don`t intend to deal with base defense bullshit again >_<.