Unexpected Hit on Nintendo Switch - Untitled Goose Game

Thought this was rather fun to read. :smiley:

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My (18 y/o) daughter got a Switch for her birthday this past year. She got this game as soon as it was available.
I thought it was crazy expensive for what t is, but decided to “borrow” her Switch and play it for a bit the other night.

Holy crud. It’s cheeky, silly, and just a mayhem of mindless fund and anarchy. Goose-style. If you weren’t paranoid about being mugged by a goose before, you will be, after you play it.

Waiting for it to come to Steam, someday, after it leaves its Epic Exclusivity time.

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I had geese. I’m not going back there.

While they weren’t this mischievous, they were a royal pain to keep.

Although seeing them get a little dizzy after eating all the wild hemp growing everywhere was hilarious.