Unique Merchants of Cairn

Well, almost done with adding lists of blueprints to merchans description. Benevald will be updated later - he has too much blueprints to offer, need to sort and group the items to make it more easy to navigate. :wink:

Finished updating Benevald’s blueprints lists - hope you will enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Nice work, it would just be easier to search “benevald” or “vinelton” in grim tools

Thanks! :smile:
Yes, grim tools now is also a good source to search, but you still need to group and order blueprints to make it easy to get required info on certain merchant. Hope I was able to do it.

P.S: If needed, I can split Armor section with blueprints (Benevald) on subgroups.

Have you updated for FG items too btw?

Not yet. If I remember correct we have only 1 unique merchant in FG granting possibility to go to the next difficulty level for other builds.

I mean’t, for instance the vendor in PV sells FG items. Same with AG vendor and Hyram.

If I understood you correct you speak about vendors from Vanilla and AoM. To my knowledge these vendors don’t sell FG items. I will try to take a closer look in near time.

They do.

For instance:
PV vendor can sell Fleshwarped Defender, AG vendor can sell Creeping Ring and Hyram can sell Colossal Defender

Good point. They also can sell FG blueprints, for example Benevald sells Stonefather Helm

P.S: Looks like I need to make some runs to inspect vendors. :slight_smile:

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Let me know when you are done, I can double check :slight_smile:

I think blueprints lists should be up to date, so I need to check what kind of FG items they sell.

On the first glance (will check it) the following new items could be added to vendors shops:

Vinelton - Creeping Ring, Basilisk Fang and Ugdenbog Flamethrower

Hyram - Colossal Defender

Agarrad - Fleshwarped Defender

Karros Adal - Obsidian Defender

just a little lore insert here… i think karros adal is karroz the sigil of chthon. remember when you kill karroz he shouted “no, no, NOOO!” then explode and summoned a chthonian unraveller? coincidentally, near karros adal in bastion of chaos, there is a chthonian unraveller guarding him. i think the unraveller is angry with karroz’s failure, then it tortured him. turning him into skeleton and damning his name.
this kinda makes sense, since in mournwald there’s a chthonic rift that leads into a void place where you found three bloodsworn imprisoned. they plead you to rescue them, since there’s a blood keeper wanting to torture them for their failure. seems like there is no rest for the bloodsworn.

@malawiglenn, I added FG items to merchants items list. I didn’t only check PV vendor - don’t like this location, but if I’m correct this vendor should only sell new shield from FG. Could you please take a look?

P.S: Vinelton got 4 new FG items - ring, medal, rifle and mace. :wink:

This theory sounds interesting and feasible. Only @Zantai can tell us if it is true or there are some curious secrets. :smile:

Added FG merchant. The new upcoming dungeon should grant us one more unique vendor.

I could not find any other MI from PV vendor that you have not listed :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say thanks for this!

Thanks. I’m glad the information was useful for you. :blush:

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